Faggy Fragrances: Complete List of Top Picks for Every Type of Scent

June 17, 2024

To quote Pope Francis, “There’s an air of faggotry in the Vatican.” While I don’t know much about the Vatican, I do know a thing or two about filling the air with faggotry, mainly in the form of scents. Here are some of my favorite faggoty scents for you to wear, use in your home, or perhaps even bring to the Vatican. I’ve also included fragrance guides featuring some of my favorite floral and woodsy scents, kinky fragrances, and, of course, fragrances for cruising.

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Something Aquatic

Rain by Clean Reserve
All the things she said, all the things she said, running through my head, running through my head. This is the scent for those who need to be in a t.A.T.u music video, who need to know the scent of their lover’s skin in the rain. Notes of bergamot, water lily, clean musk, white florals, and vetiver.
28 Degrees by Ormaie
I’m not often moved by summery scents, but this one immediately transported me back to my childhood. It felt warm and familiar, like suntan lotion and running through sprinklers. Oddly, the notes don’t suggest that. It features lemon, bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine, orange blossom, sandalwood, and vanilla. For me, the bergamot, jasmine, and orange blossom come through, especially as it wears throughout the day. I suggest just smelling this fragrance if you can; the brand does carry a sampler pack.
Dinudisit by January Scent Project
I’m also kinda obsessed with this brand, in a totally healthy way. This is perhaps the truest aquatic on the list. It features notes of ocean accord, vetiver, bergamot, jasmine, caramel, and celery seed. It’s a bit sweet, a bit salty, and a pinch floral. Very much the mossy part of the beach.

Something Boozy

Jazz Club by Maison Margiela Replica
This is actually one of my favorite fragrances of all time. I love how warm, sexy, and utterly intoxicating it is. There’s a lot of rum and tobacco notes in it, which makes it more compelling than just a basic boozy scent. There’s a reason this is a cult classic—it’s that good. It’s one of the few fragrances I’ve repurchased.
Troubled Spirits by Libertine Fragrance
Get into some good trouble, or bad trouble if that’s your thing. Notes of oakwood, orange zest, damask rose, vanilla, and amber. It sort of smells like orange after you’ve drunk all of an old fashioned.
Drunk Lovers by Born To Stand Out
This one is really fun, and this is continuously one of my favorite perfume brands. I find all their scents to have a very clear vision and goal, making them feel like you're part of the story. I also find their wear time to be exceptional. I love spraying these scents on my sweaters and smelling them settled in and dried down the next day. This scent features notes of bergamot, lemon, red berries, cognac, pepper, amber, sandalwood, and cinnamon. Upon first spritz, there’s a heavy red berry scent, but as it settles, it becomes much more amber and cognac heavy.

Something Citrus

Windows Down by Henry Rose
Notes of grapefruit, Earl Grey, orange flower, neroli, and musk. This scent is very bright. To me, it smells just like the skin of a citrus fruit—there’s that wet vibrancy I find citrus skins to have. I love the dry down; I always get asked what I’m wearing whenever I spritz this.
Black Citrus by Vilhelm Parfumerie
This is another favorite fragrance of mine. It’s so sharp and spicy but still so citrusy. I always feel powerful when I wear it, like I could instantly bring someone to their knees, which, granted, for me is pretty easy no matter what scent I’m wearing. At any rate, this sharp citrus scent has notes of cardamom, bergamot, violet, birch, and patchouli. Trust me, you’ll like this one—great wear time too!
Golden Ticket by Snif
Queer-owned fragrance brand alert! I prefer golden tickets to golden showers, but whatever floats your boat, I guess. With notes of bergamot, green tea, sage, incense, amber, and vetiver, this makes for a woody citrus scent. It pulls very earthy. I love how many sizes of this scent are available, plus it’s a great price.

Something Floral

Antidris Cassis by Maison Louis Marie
This is a very clean, no-fuss kind of floral. It has notes of cassis, white rose, musk, tonka, oakmoss, and some bergamot. The bergamot and musk notes make it much more wearable, in my opinion. It’s definitely floral, with a rosy scent, but not like an old-school, overwhelming rose—it's much cleaner than that. This would be a lovely layering scent as it wears close to the skin and can be a bit faint, which is perfect in the right setting.
Rosa Damascena by Chloé
Smell like a rose… taste like a tangerine? I sincerely hope you understand I’m referencing Angelyne. Well, this scent is perfect for that. It’s a good, clean rose—a very light rose, the type that you can faintly smell after cutting them from the garden. There’s actually something ritualistic about it in a way. I recommend this for anyone who wants a simple rose fragrance.
Los Angeles by Gallivant
Looking for a floral not quite so on the nose? Or perhaps a fragrance on the down low? Well, this one’s for you. It leans clean and fresh, with hints of sweet florals, yet there’s still this grit to it. It features notes of eucalyptus, mandarin, tuberose, sage, guaiac, and musk. Very interesting—on me, I smell a lot of the mandarin and tuberose coming through in the dry down.

Something Freaky

Odile by Gumamina
Notes of blood orange, dark chocolate, rubber, star anise, suede, and musk make this perfect for the latex babes. It’s a little different than a lot of other things I’ve smelled, spicy and dangerous but still powdery. Very interesting, and very, very freaky.
Deep Dark Vanilla by D.S. & Durga
Now, you might think this is a classic vanilla, but you’d be wrong. This is a kinda goth fragrance, very witchy and medicinal. It’s almost like a sweet cough syrup.
Supersolid by Binaurale
This one’s a little weird—an unconventional citrus. It has notes of mandarin, lavender, ambroxan, and amber. It feels distant but close all at the same time, perfect for those who feel a need to invoke their mommy issues.

Something Fruity

Yvonne by Ormaie
I never liked fruity fragrances much, but this one is special. Maybe it’s the bold name, or maybe it’s the peach notes, but something about it stands out. Yvonne features notes of grapefruit, bergamot, blackcurrant, pink pepper, jasmine, peach, tonka bean, and patchouli. The fruity notes are prominent, but there’s also a warm, spicy element. It’s fresh and sharp, a bit dangerous, as I imagine someone named Yvonne would be. This is definitely a fragrance for femmes. Ormaie is one of my favorite fragrance houses; their bottles are literal works of art, inspired by the founder's grandfather, who was a sculptor. These elements are evident throughout the bottle and the brand.
Hermis by Guy Fox
This one is a bit of a wildcard, far from your typical fruity scent. It has notes of mint, lemon, ginger, aldehydes, bergamot, pineapple, apple, and balsam. The lemon and pineapple pop through at unexpected moments. The ginger and mint make it really fresh and just a bit green, very unexpected but very refreshing. In all honesty, it kind of smells like a really fresh green juice.
Philosykos by Diptyque
This is one of the few fruit fragrances I ride hard for. It’s actually in my top five fragrances ever. It’s a very clean fig scent, very luxe, perfect for low-fuss days or warmer months. It’s also majorly Greek, so obviously, I’m obsessed. Fig scents need more love, mostly because of their association with wealth, at least for Greeks. This scent has notes of fig leaves, fig tree sap, fig tree wood, and black pepper.

Something Green

James by Rosie Jane
I love this scent. It’s earthy and figgy, perfect for someone who loves unique fragrances. There are heavy notes of fig, amber, and white gardenia. While there is a hint of floral, I find it mostly overpowered by the greenness of the fig. It feels like an early spring walk when the grass is still fresh, and the flowers are just beginning to sprout. I smelled this in a sample and instantly loved it.
Eternal Wave by Liis
This has quickly become one of my absolute favorite scents—it’s literally eternal, very otherworldly. It features notes of bergamot, cardamom, white tea, black tea absolute, and blonde woods. I didn’t think this would be my vibe, but once I sampled it, I couldn’t help but become obsessed with smelling myself. A full-size bottle of this is on my wishlist; it’s just that good.
Jade Vines by Régime des Fleurs
This is one of my favorite nontraditional green scents. I stumbled upon this one by chance while visiting my favorite perfume store in Chicago, and I’ve been obsessed since. It features notes of yuzu blossoms, green gardenia, tuberose buds, and cedar. The only way I know how to describe this is as the bottom of a rainforest floor. It’s lush and green, but also wet—in a good way, naturally.

Something Leathery

Leather Petals by Régime des Fleurs
I am literally obsessed with this fragrance house. All of their scents are so good, and the bottles are simple yet compelling. I love seeing them stacked on my dresser. This scent has notes of leather, rum, osmanthus, patchouli, and orris.
Cowboy Kush by Boy Smells
Queer-owned fragrance brand alert! This scent has notes of leather, saffron, tonka bean, hazelnut, and cannabis leaves. I find it to be very subtle, perfect for those who like a scent that’s just for them. You won’t get a strong, overpowering scent, and for what it’s worth, I find that pretty hard to find in a leather fragrance.
Atramental by Room 1015
Meant to be a raw homage to getting a tattoo, this scent is a little weird. It’s not the most straightforward leather, but it’s there. It starts very intense, but as it wears, that warm, soft leather scent starts to come through. This scent features notes of bergamot, lemon, cistus, saffron, cardamom, and black pepper.

Something Smoky

Indigo Smoke by Arquiste
Queer-owned fragrance brand alert! This is one of the most unique and compelling fragrances I’ve ever smelled. It starts rather woody, almost rich and sweet, but on the dry down, you get this really lovely smoky scent. Not like a cigar or burnt smell, but rather a sweet smoke. It features notes of maté tea, mandarin orange, bergamot, apricot, cedar leaf, vetiver, guaiacwood, and incense. Smell this for something totally unexpected but something you’re sure to obsess over.
The Observer by Treading Water Perfume
Queer-owned brand alert! This is the scent of a smoky jazz bar, the scent of cruising, or maybe just watching others cruise. It has notes of violet, incense, black pepper, oakmoss, and vanilla. I do find that this scent has a rather strong projection, with a nice incense and black pepper dry down.
Girl of The Year by Thin Wild Mercury
This is the scent of smoky leather femmes. It’s strong and commanding. As part of the brand’s New York collection, I find this to be the standout among them. It has a well-lived kind of vibe. It includes notes of leather, smoke, burnt lipstick, incense, and sandalwood. Best worn for a playful evening out.

Something Spicy

Fall Cashmere by Skylar
This is the perfect warm spicy scent, think cinnamon and ginger. Ideally for cooler winter months if I’m being honest, as I do find it a bit heavy. There are notes of ginger, cinnamon, almond, amber, clove, and vanilla. That vanilla makes it just sweet enough without being too overwhelming. Now, I do find this a bit one-note, in that it feels like a Christmas scent, but if you are looking for something cinnamony and spicy, this is worth at least smelling. It’s here for a reason.
Silphium by Stora Skuggan
I am disgustingly obsessed with this brand. It’s a weird and freaky brand, and this scent is perfect for weird freaks who love research. A lot of this scent is inspired by Silphium, a plant that was used as a spice in what is now present-day Libya. The spice, lost to time, was praised by Greek philosophers as one of the greatest spices of all time, known for its healing capabilities, and was often considered a luxury. So as you can see, this is the stuff of freaky nerds. This scent is a warm, fresh kind of spicy. It includes notes of cinnamon, tobacco, frankincense, cedarwood, clove, ginger, black pepper, leather, and myrrh. It’s good, trust me, so good it’s on the full-size wish list.
Intoxicated by Kilian Paris
This is a warm spicy fragrance with a rather heavy coffee vibe. There are notes of cardamom, caramel, coffee, cinnamon, and nutmeg. So I find it ideal for those who want to attract a queer person with an iced coffee addiction. It’s very much a gourmand, so with that comes its own feelings. 

Something Sweet

Black Tie by Celine
A warm, powdery vanilla scent with notes of musk, cedar, and moss. It’s sweet but still earthy, likely due to the green notes. On me, the dry down is a bit more musky-sweet than earthy. I love how tailored and sophisticated this fragrance smells while still being approachable. Good luck getting your hands on it though—it’s always sold out.
Libre Intense by YSL
This scent truly embodies the energy of a completely uninhibited rich cunt, so it’s basically perfect. It’s heavy on vanilla and florals, but there’s a slight kick at the end. I know for some this might lean floral, but for me, it’s much more vanilla—a sweet vanilla lavender. There are also some orange blossom notes, which make it lean a little more white floral.
Burning Bridges by Snif
Queer-owned fragrance brand alert! While it may not seem sweet to burn bridges, this scent is perfect for all the sweet freaks. It has heavy vanilla, iris, and powdery vibes. Notes include vanilla, tobacco, iris, rose, and freesia. There’s a hit of spice in the dry down that makes it sweet and sexy. Budget babes, this one is for you. Actually, anything by Snif is for you!

Something Woodsy

Stag by The Maker
I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of this name, but I am the biggest fan of this scent. Actually, all the scents by The Maker are a win. Stag features notes of agarwood, incense, palo santo, patchouli, and bergamot. There’s a bit of leather in there too, but it doesn’t come through as much for me. Overwhelmingly, I find this scent to be very woodsy, but not earthy woodsy—sexy woodsy.
Cannabis by Malin+Goetz
Queer-owned fragrance brand alert! Sometimes I enjoy the subtle, and while this may suggest you might smell like weed, it’s actually a much more earthy scent. I suspect that’s in part due to the strong patchouli and bergamot notes pulling to the top. This scent stays interesting with additional notes of sandalwood, magnolia, black pepper, and cedarwood.
Baie 19 by Le Labo
I really love this one. It has notes of dry juniper berry, patchouli, green leaves, and a bit of musk. That earthy patchouli scent really comes through, especially on the dry down. I also prefer the oil formula for Le Labo, much better lasting power for the price in my opinion. 


Home Scents

What you do in your home is none of my business—just kidding, it’s 10000% my business, so please tell me everything. Well, whatever you may or may not be doing, here are some home scents to make your place smell better. If you are looking to learn more about candles, please check out Sir Candle Man’s content; he gives the best tips, tricks, and reviews!


Vetiver Sage by Lafco
Queer-owned brand! This is such a grounding, earthy candle—I instantly feel comfort whenever I light it. I love anything by Lafco! This candle is made of non-toxic soy wax and has a burn time of 90 hours, and trust me, it fills the room. Notes include white sage, black pepper, sage, chamomile, amber, and vetiver.
Sapphics in the City by The New Savant
Queer-owned brand! This is the perfect candle; it’s literally inspired by being a femme. It’s sweet but spicy, luxurious but grounded, and everything you want in a candle. It has notes of raspberries, lemon, juniper berries, rose, chili pepper, peony, and vanilla. A literal daydream. Made with a soy blend, this has a burn time of 50 hours. Use my code, SFMVQM4Q, for $10 off your purchase!
Citrush by Boy Smells
Queer-owned brand! A candle modeled after poppers—well, that might be the faggiest thing on the list. I have yet to smell this candle, so Boy Smells, sponsor a hot femme! However, this candle does feature notes of pomelo, fig, and black pepper. I’ve heard it best described as a spicy citrus.
Spiritus by The Maker
Anything by The Maker is always a daydream, a splurge, but an actual daydream. This candle features notes of frankincense, cannabis, and vanilla wood—think sexy woody kind of scent.
Elvira by Bijou Candles
Queer-owned brand! Bijou is one of my absolute favorite candle brands ever—I’ve never had a bad-smelling candle from them! All of their candles are placed in beautiful glassware that I reuse for mini flower arrangements. This scent is a very sweet and spicy apple candle.
Jazz Club by Maison Margiela
I’m obsessed with the fragrance, so naturally, I need the candle to match. Burn time of about 40 hours.


St. Regis Caroline’s Four Hundred Room Spray
Notes of rose, hyacinth, white lilies, quince, oak wood, and cedar.
Dark Cassis Room Spray by Kobo
Notes of blackberries, patchouli, sandalwood, and musk.
Teakwood & Tobacco Room Spray by P.F. Candle Co
Notes of teak, leather, and orange. It's a long-time favorite and has been repurchased multiple times.

Soaps & Such

Black Tide Body Wash by Saltair
Notes of mandarin, marine accords, and white jasmine. A very high-end scent on a budget.
Che Fico Liquid Soap by Laboratorio Olfattivo
Notes of fig fruit, fig bark, bay tree, black currant, labdanum, raspberry, and cedarwood.
Black Rose & Oud Body Wash by Salt & Stone
Notes of black rose, vetiver, and oud.


Coastal Forest Incense by Oddly Specific
Notes of forest mist, cedar, and sandalwood.
Oud, Cedar, and Amber Hand Wash Soap by Baylis & Harding
Notes of oud, amber, and cedar. A total Aesop dupe.
Vacation Classic Lotion Air Freshener
Total summer scent—like suntan lotion.


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