Top Notes for Power Bottoms II: Fetish as Fragrance

Anna R.
April 6, 2024

Babes, it’s time to have some fun. I love getting to talk about fragrance just as much as I love talking about kink and sex, so why not combine the two? I already explored this topic a bit with my previous Top Notes for Power Bottoms article, which featured everything from lactation to CNC, and even some gourmands for the wet and messy freaks.

Fragrances can be incredibly intoxicating and powerful and create wonderful memories. Have fun with things, and don’t be afraid to explore and try new things. After all, you might not think it’s your thing, but you could be wrong.


A quick note about fragrances if you're particularly new to them. I never recommend buying something without trying it for a couple of days. How fragrances wear on your skin and throughout the day can vary greatly. So you might enjoy the notes, or the initial scent projection, but that could change. There have been a number of times that after a few hours of wear of a scent I’ve gotten a headache. You can buy decants of fragrances from various sites, but some of my favorites are Ministry of Scent, Scents Events, and Smallflower.



Smoke Show // Vilhelm Parfumerie

A sweet, woodsy scent with notes of vetiver, rose oil, and pink pepper. It’s leathery, spicy, and the perfect amount of smokey.

By The Fireplace // Replica

The smokiest of the bunch in my opinion. Feels like smoking in a leather armchair. I’ll leave you to make your own depraved visuals. 

Tobacco Vanille // Tom Ford

Major hot red flag fragrance alert! This is heavy, and much more tobacco-scented than others, leaving you in a bit of a haze. 

Hosiery / Corsetry

La La Lover // Perfume Head

Black tea, tonka bean, cognac, and saffron notes make this fragrance feel luxurious, like a beautifully sculpted custom corset. 

Fig Wasp // Threading Water

Fig is truly an understand luxury, and this fragrance is no exception. It’s bottle features a babe in a corset, so naturally, it had to make the list.

This fragrance is incredibly intense and has quite the projection power. It features notes of mandarin and vanilla. 

Med Play / Blood Play

0, Cruel Incense // Blood Concept

Black pepper, amber, and metallic notes make this scent just a little bit dangerous, in the best way, of course.

Corpse Reviver // Fzotic

This scent is a true gourmand, true to pierce the skin. Notes include rosemary, dark chocolate, anise, and whiskey.

But Not Today // Filippo Sorcinelli

This is perhaps the most “blood” scent of the bunch, especially with its animalic notes. Animalic notes can either lean pissy or bloody, so in case that is your thing, keep an eye out for those.


Bulls Blood // Imaginary Authors

Take the bull by the horns babe. This fragrance leans very musky, but an elevated musk. It also has some notes of patchouli and tobacco, so bonus points for earth scents. 

Scarlet Poppy// Jo Malone 

This scent has a lot of different things going on at once. It’s almondy, floraly, fruity, and a bit ambery. It’s intense and strong.

AB, Tokyo Musk // Blood Concept

Sandalwood, myrtle, and coriander let this scent lean green and woodsy but still very smoky. It’s fresh and crisp.

Golden Showers

Civet // Zoologist

In my opinion, Zoologist fragrances always kinda lean a bit pissy or animal-like, which is kinda the entire point. They aren’t personally for me, but they are good for piss freaks. 

Little Song // Meo Fusciuni 

Coffee, Turkish rose, ginger, and pink pepper make this scent much more musky and powdery than you might think. I feel like a lot of powdery scents can come across a little pissy, and I do think this scent is no exception.

Muscs Koublaï Khan // Serge Lutens

This fragrance has quite a heavy civet note, which, for some people, always smells piss-like. It’s very animalic. 


Remember Me // Jovoy Paris 

A haunting floral gourmand with notes of black tea. So embarrassing it’ll keep you up at night.

Durga // D.S. & Durga

Jasmine, ylang ylang, and orange flowers are the types of scents you are sure to embarrass yourself with—like deep in the DM’s humiliation kind of stuff.

Chance // Channel 

This scent is gross and boring IMO, and that’s why it was on the list. Clearly, you have some type of humiliation kink if you actually enjoy wearing this.


Love Don’t Be Shy // Kilian 

Gardenia and orange blossom notes make this scent the type to make people fall totally in love with you, resulting in them singing your praises. 

Saturday // Arielle Shoshana 

I absolutely adore this scent, so that’s why it’s here. Saffron, rhubarb, and passionfruit notes make this scent bold but lovely. 

Little Flower // Regime Des Fleurs 

Regime Des Fleurs is one of my absolute favorite brands, it’s what I wear whenever I want attention, wel, positive attention at least. This floral scent is so delicate. 

Pony Play / Puppy Play

Stable // Demeter 

Giddy up bitch.

Sweet Grass // Libertine 

This scent is super earthy, and it is actually very grounding. It’s herbal, nutty, and just a bit grassy.

Basilico & Fellini // Vilhelm Parfumerie

Fig, vetiver, violet, and basil notes make this the spiciest of the list. It packs quite the kick, but it’s earthy notes still make this just a little bit grounding.


Eyes Closed // Byredo 

This fragrance features strong notes of cinnamon and cardamom. It’s warm and tight and ultimately leaves you feeling totally comforted. It also smells really rich, so that’s kinda hot.

Nudiflorum // Nasomatto

This scent is a warm, musky, earthy fragrance. I suggest translating this cheeky name, it might just make all your desires come true.

Baie 19 // Le Labo

While this scent leans a bit more aquatic and rain, there’s still a stiff crispness to it that I find compelling. It features notes of juniper berries and patchouli. 

Voyeurism / Exhibitionism 

The Observer // Threading Water 

With a name like the observer, it had to make the list. I recommend checking out this small batch Queer owned brand. They offer really great sample packs so that you can get a whiff of everything! 

Parade // Celine 

Everyone loves a show and a zesty bergamot scent like this is just the way to give one.

Lampblack // Fzotic

This oud and citrus scent is super unique and sure to get anyone's attention.

Thanks for being here and being a hot freak with me, this was fun! Let’s do it again?! If you want to keep up with my hot femme endeavors, consider subscribing to my newsletter.