Floral Fantasies: Spring Floral Fragrance Favorites

Anna R.
March 11, 2024

Florals for spring, groundbreaking. I suppose anything can be groundbreaking if you market it well enough. At any rate, let’s get into some of my favorite florals, since perhaps floral fragrances are currently on your mind. This isn’t an extensive list, but rather just some of my favorites that you might enjoy. Happy smelling!


Jade Vines by Régime des Fleurs

This is the type of scent I never thought I’d enjoy, but listen, I’m a woman obsessed. It has notes of yuzu blossoms, green gardenia, tuberose buds, cedar, and ginger water. It leans very gardenia on me, and there is just a small hint of powder, but not in an overwhelming way. It’s a very green and wet scent. It is the closest thing I can think of to a perfect spring scent. I think this is a scent a lot of people would really like.

Rosie by rosie jane

Listen, I am by no means a rose girl. I often find a lot of rose fragrances to be overly artificial and too powdery. However, this rose scent isn’t like other rose scents. It feels so fresh and skin-like. For me, it reminds me of how I feel after taking a long, warm shower and being completely clean. This scent captures notes of sweet rose and nude musk. It’s wonderfully buildable or can be used as a good layering perfume.

Flor Y Canto by Arquiste

I love Arquiste because of their passion for storytelling through fragrance. This scent in part pays homage to the floral offerings often left at temple altars. It has notes of acacia, marigold, crushed leaf accents, tuberose, copal, and vanilla bean. I got this as part of a sample scent from the brand and it’s a real standout. For me, it does dry down very marigold-heavy; it’s very warm. It’s not a super on-the-nose floral, which I appreciate, I think it might be something good for people who don’t want to feel too overwhelmed by flowers. Also, major goth vibes.

Sex & Jasmine by Libertine Fragrance

It might not be sex and candy or even sex and cigarettes, but it definitely is sex and jasmine. As you might have guessed, this scent is very jasmine forward. It features notes of jasmine, sandalwood, neroli, vanilla, bourbon, and a hint of patchouli. It is incredibly warm and sensual. It feels a bit like how you feel when cuddling for sex on freshly washed linen sheets. I do think this is pretty powerful on its own, but there is a world where it could be layered.

Ofrésia by Diptyque

My love for Diptyque is rather unhealthy, but I like what I like. This feels just a bit spicy but is still very floral. It’s dangerous in a very playful way. It has notes of white freesia, carnation, guaiac wood, and of course, black pepper. I do think it’s more of an evening scent, or at least for me, it is. But tbh, do whatever you want.

Feu Secret by Fzotic 

Alright weirdos, this one’s for you! If you want floral but want to be different, well, look no further. This is a very woody floral scent, more woody leaning on me personally, but there’s still some floral in there. It has notes of spruce, eucalyptus, iris, turmeric, and pink pepper. It’s very versatile, definitely gender-neutral, and could be worn to late-night mocktails or a Sunday shopping spree.

Les by Boy Smells

I’m just another millennial babe rendered helpless against the marketing traps of Boy Smells. This scent has notes of pomelo, peony, and moss. This is a bit of an elevated wet floral scent. For me, the dry down is particularly mossy. I don’t find that Boy Smells has a particularly strong projection power, and it is something that is best if you desire something that wears closer to you.

Tallulah’s Camellia by Shay & Blue

I think this might be the freshest scent of the bunch, and trust me, I think you’ll really enjoy it. It has notes of gardenia, bluebell, white tea, and lily. While I wish it was a bit more tea-leaning, I still enjoy it for an early spring day. The dry down is very lily and gardenia on me. For the price point, it packs a real punch!

Sheep's Clothing by Henry Woods

I love this one. Like, actually love. With notes of pink peppercorn, rose, orris, and amber, it is incredibly warm and sensual. Perfect if you’re trying to be a particularly devastating wolf in sheep's clothing. The rose in this isn’t quite heavy or even the focal point, which I like. This scent is much more of a woodsy floral. Try it, babes, you’ll like it.

Melrose Place by Ouai

Jen Atkin can do no wrong in my book. If you aren’t familiar, Jen Atkin is an immensely talented hairstylist who founded Ouai. They make really wonderful products. With that, I think this scent is perhaps the most FLORAL, of the bunch. It’s very sweet with notes of champagne, bergamot, and rose. It’s a bit sugary sweet for a full size for me, but I still enjoy this from time to time.

Acqua Della Regina by Santa Maria Novella

Let’s end things with a fragrance fit for an absolute queen. It feels like the juice of fresh fruits mixed with dewy flowers. It has notes of neroli, rosemary, cloves, musk, and lavender. For me, it does pull quite lavender, and I think it is a scent that is best worn on its own as it can be quite powerful.


Happy Spring babes! Taurus season is around the corner, if you’d like to get me a early birthday gift, consider signing up for my email list! Also, in case it isn’t clear Jade Vines is my absolute favorite from this list!