I’m Anna, a retired sex worker turned techie. I’ve been creating content in some capacity for over a decade. After retiring from sex work, I started working in tech as a social media strategist, creating award-winning campaigns for global brands and startups. After being laid off from my vanilla tech job, I needed an outlet to process some of the grief and anger I was feeling, and thus, this website was born. 

After over a decade of creating content across various social media platforms, I decided I wanted a place to create for myself without having to niche down or censor my content. It feels like this website has been over a decade in the making, a true culmination of my life experiences and passions. I draw inspiration from my own experiences, my professional industry knowledge, and my deep love for beautiful things. This website will focus on sex, tech, life, and style. The name Honey Whipped Feta is reflective of my personality. I’m luxurious (honey), kinky (whipped), and salty (feta). I’m also Greek, so it feels like an appropriate homage.

Turing grief and anger into art has been deeply profound for me. I can’t wait to continue exploring the interactions of tech, sex, and style. Thanks for joining me!