Fragrances That Awaken My Lesbian Impulses

Anna R.
June 29, 2024

Listen, I get the need for labels, but personally, I find them to be far too limiting. I suppose if anything, I most closely resonate with "dyke" and "queer." That being said, there is a lot of lesbian culture I deeply identify with, and for that and a slew of other reasons, I don’t feel the need to strictly label myself. With all that being said, here are some of my absolute favorite fragrances that awaken all of my lesbian impulses—distinctly dykey. However you may identify, you’ll find something you like, I promise. Let me be your fragrance mommy.

Tears by Regime des Fleurs
This is one of my absolute favorite fragrances, a perfect choice for a wonderfully mean mommy. It also leans a bit goth, in my opinion. It definitely smells rich, with layers that keep it interesting. Notes of pink pepper, lilac, orris, musk, and frankincense create a duality in this fragrance—familiar yet utterly indescribable. Technically floral, it’s warm and powdery. Wet and melodramatic, just like every dyke I know.

Peau by Arquiste
Inspired by lovers, particularly the tragic love story of Hadrian and Antinoös, this fragrance evokes admiration and a deep soul connection. Notes of clay sage, coriander seed, white pepper, and ambergris give it a skin-like warmth, reminiscent of post-sex sweetness. Over time, it dries down to a woody finish—sexy and old school femme.

Sweet Ash by Snif
Think of this as the sexier version of a granola dyke, sorry Tevas. Majorly woody with hints of moss, it pulls earthy and spicy, with notes of juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, tonka, vanilla bean, white moss, and patchouli. Its solid wear time makes it versatile for any occasion.

Oud Immortel by Byredo
My most worn fragrance, this one is luxuriously femme, warm, mysterious, and inviting. Notes of incense, cardamom, rosewood, patchouli, moss, tobacco leaves, and oud create a captivating blend that evolves beautifully.

Black Citus by Vilhelm Parfumerie
One of my absolute favorite citrus scents—dangerous, spicy, and distinct. Notes of cardamom, bergamot, violet, vetiver, and birch give it sharpness and longevity, perfect for dinner and drinks in any season.

Myth by Ellis Brooklyn
Sophisticated and powdery, with notes of bergamot, ambrette seeds, cassis, orchid, jasmine, and musks. Reminiscent of Carol from the movie "Carol," it’s charmingly tightly wound, perfect for feeling like a tortured mommy.

Char by Henry Rose
From a fragrance house I adore, this scent starts sweet and finishes earthy and smoky, with notes of tonka bean, ginger, and orange flower.

Côte du Paradis by Lake & Sky
Fresh and skin-like with milky notes, it wears close to the skin with almond, sandalwood, creamy milk, tonka bean, and cedarwood. Perfect for a beach vibe.

Noir 29 & Rose 31 by Le Labo
I love mixing these scents together. Warm and romantic, Noir 29 features notes of bergamot, fig, bay leaves, cedarwood, vetiver, and musk, while Rose 31 surprises with cumin, cedar, amber, and musk. Together, they evoke a Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon in "Bound" vibe.

Monday by Arielle Shoshana
Reminiscent of something Annie Lennox would wear—strong, with a bitch-in-a-suit vibe. And yes, I know she’s not technically a dyke, she manifests the energy of one, and since this is my blog I’ll say what I please. Notes of bergamot, lavender, lemon zest, black tea, steamed milk, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber make it deeply comforting yet strangely distant. I couldn’t stop smelling myself when I wore this—pure love.

Moonmilk by Stora Skuggan
Perfect for any dyke, lesbian, bisexual—literally anyone. With a prominent leather base and notes of black pepper, sandalwood, black tea, lime, and lily of the valley, it feels warm and comforting, like resting your head in someone you love’s lap.

Fire by The Maker
Imagine something Gia Marie Carangi would wear—deeply butch and deeply femme. Notes of rum, juniper berries, tobacco, tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, and saffron create a memorable scent with wonderful staying power.

Thanks for reading, babe. I hope you find something to break hearts with. If you liked this, check out my top floral picks, fragrance as fetish list, or favorite woodsy scents.

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