Lipstick Love Affair: The Ultimate Valentine's 2024 Gift Guide

Anna R.
January 22, 2024

While Valentine’s Day is completely a fictitious and frivolous holiday, it’s still adorable. It boasts great aesthetics, from lacy hearts to shades of pink and red; it's literally a femme's fantasy. Besides, everything in life is what you make of it, at least in my opinion. You choose to assign value to whatever you want to. Well, whatever you choose to do, here’s a gift guide to the cutest holiday ever, Valentine’s Day. Here are sweets for your sweetheart, yourself, or whoever else you love in your life.

If you happen to be looking for lingerie, take a peek at my lingerie guide; there's some hot stuff on there. I also have a harness guide with some of my absolute favorite places to buy my leather gear. And while, yes, I know it’s not Christmas, there are still some applicable gifts in my holiday and XXX holiday gift guides. Yeah, I spammed you with four of my own links, but give me a break; I’m trying to make this website a thing. Anyways, happy gifting, babe; drop me a DM with what you're spoiling yourself with!


Air Tag

Hear me out; I know this doesn’t seem like the ideal gift, but trust me, with the proper dynamic, this could be majorly kinky. It’s perfect for Mommy’s and Daddy’s with mischievous little angels. Because of the nature of this kind of play, I highly encourage you to have an honest conversation with your partner of choice about this. Seriously, it’s intimate as heck and could definitely cross a lot of boundaries. It’s not to be taken lightly. You know your dynamic better than I do.

Anything from Paper Source

Paper Source is my absolute favorite store. It’s got a ton of wonderful stationery, as well as gifts and wrapping paper. In fact, I actually get all my wrapping paper from here; it’s wonderful quality and has a nice weight to it. For Valentine’s Day, I recommend the pink heart ribbon, these sweet heart doily stickers, and of course, this stinkin cute gift bag.

Byredo Fragrance

I normally don’t recommend fragrance as a gift; however, Byredo makes such lovely scents. And I guess I’m just a brat who loves to break rules, even my own. My personal favorites are Bal d'Afrique, De Los Santos, and Tobacco Mandarin.

Chanel Jasmine Body Oil

Listen, it’s luxe, it’s sexy, and it smells stunning. I can’t explain how much of a goddess it makes me feel like. The packaging is so clean and elevated and looks beautiful on my shelf. Nothing says I love me (or you, I guess) like Chanel.

Embroidered Bows

Bows are hot, now and always; consider a custom option with a name, or perhaps something cheeky like brat, or cunt.

Gucci Lipstick

I am disgustingly obsessed with this lipstick. I find the formula to be quite nice. A tad drying, but most matte lipstick is. However, it is legitimately the most luxurious packaging ever; the tube has a very nice weight to it. It feels like such a ritual to put on. My shade of choice for the ritual is goldie red.

Hot Bitch Shirts

Lingerie is hot, but being clothed is just as hot. Especially if it’s something that is wildly inappropriate. I love this "spit in my mouth" one from Etsy; it’s embroidered, which adds a nice touch. It’s also great because I’m the queen of giving mixed signals, so clearly I need to be flagging. I also love this "save a horse" shirt, because isn’t that what we all want?

Kate Spade x Alexander Girard Love Silk Scarf

Yeah, I’m biased because this is me in scarf form. But I promise it’s versatile, especially for a hot goth babe. It could be worn around the neck, tied to a purse, or used to tie someone up in the most luxe way imaginable. Keep your kink glamorous babe.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Heart Skillet

This is truly the ideal gift for a homebody who loves to cook. It’s a playful twist on otherwise boring cookware. I have one in white and absolutely love using it. It makes the mundane just a bit more exciting. If you are looking to bake instead, I recommend this heart shaped cocotte.

Mon Cheri Picture Frame

What’s better than me, a picture of my ass, duh. If only you were so lucky.

Nude Playing Cards

Hot, no description needed.

Vedette Lingerie Set

I love Dita Von Teese lingerie; it’s so beautiful. Delicate yet dangerous. Of course, this set is no exception.

Vintage Glassware

There are so many beautiful vintage glasses; they are all so unique and beautiful. So whether you're looking for some deep red gothic ones, art deco-esque champagne flutes, or a set for lovebirds, you're bound to find something.

Viewfinder with Custom Photos

This is actually such a sincere gift to give and receive. This seller will allow you to choose your own photos to put on the slide for the viewfinder. It serves as a great way to document your memories. Or you could be a freak and put your nudes.

Toy Stores

Get to playing freak; two of my absolute favorite toy stores are Leather ETC (San Fransico) and the Toolshed (Milwaukee). They both offer online shipping. I also love the brand Femme Funn.


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