2023 Harness Guide

Anna R.
November 2, 2023
Alright, freaks and kinksters, let’s talk about harnesses!

I value versatile, well-made pieces that have exceptional materials. Often, this translates to a piece being at a higher price point, which is something I can personally justify, given the amount of wear I get out of my pieces. With proper care and keeping, these pieces can last for years. 

I strongly encourage anyone planning to play in any type of harness to buy from a maker in the kink community. Because people who intentionally make these harnesses for play (versus something like Shien or Amazon) safety test their items. These items are meant to be roughed up, pulled against, tied up, and played with. So naturally, you want someone who keeps these things in mind when constructing the garments. This type of intentionality is especially important regarding things like hardware. 

For people just intending to wear harnesses for fashion, I also encourage you to purchase from a kinkster in the community. Often, those in the community are more apt to make size-inclusive pieces. I feel it’s important to acknowledge the complex and deep history that comes with harnesses and the fetish community. 

Important traditions and history come with leather and fetish gear, much of which has impacted high fashion. From the punks of the 70’s and 80’s (particularly Vivienne Westwood), Versace’s Fall 1992 bondage collection, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s 1992 infamous fashion show benefit with Madonna where she showed her breasts in a beautiful harness as part of a fundraiser for AIDS research, to Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2002 collection, kink has become influential on fashion, and isn’t changing anytime soon. In comparison, recent moments like Kim Kardashian’s leather trench and gimp mask have caused those in the community to question the place of kink in fashion, with some wondering if this level of kink in mainstream pop culture and fashion is appropriate.

While I can understand how some people might feel like Kim Kardashian wearing full latex and gimp masks is diluting the fetish, I think fashion and kink have become too intertwined for it not to be in the mainstream view. I don’t think it’s terrible; it just is what it is. Whatever your feelings on it, kink isn’t leaving fashion, so we might as well encourage people to buy from fetish designers. And with that, let’s get to the hot stuff: harnesses! 


Emma Almo 
Photo Courtesy: Emma Almo  

Emma makes incredibly luxurious harnesses, belts, cuffs, and other accessories. I own the Kyra Underbust Corset Harness, the Peplum Belt, and the Covert Cuff, and I can not speak highly enough of the quality of these items. While mommies shouldn’t play favorites, I do; the Kyra harness is my favorite piece of clothing. I feel incredibly powerful, sensual, and appropriately lacking composure. Like everyone on this list, Emma offers items made to your measurements and is committed to making something you feel good in. Because where’s the fun in play if you aren’t feeling your best self?

Gnat Glitter Kink
Photo Courtesy of Gnat Glitter Kink

Barbie mania is a 24/7 for total babe Gnat of Gnat Glitter Kink. I adore the love and creativity Gnat puts into all of their items. The vinyl and PVC she uses are high quality, making these pieces perfect for play, the dance floor, and anywhere else you might want to live in your Barbie fantasy. I think many of her pieces, particularly her belts, are incredibly versatile. I own several of Gnat’s pieces, including the Glitter bondage Cuffs, the Citrine Bra Harness, and some pieces from her signature Party Gurl collection. All of the pieces have been in my collection, with some as far back as 2016, and with proper care and storage, they have held up wonderfully! 

Leather Coven 
Photo Courtesy of Leather Coven 

Leather Coven consistently makes some of the most luxurious, sensual, and jaw-dropping pieces of leather I’ve ever seen. Each piece is made with such beauty and intentionality. Similar to others on the list, Leather Coven’s pieces are versatile. They're perfect for making statements in the streets and the dungeons. I own a number of belts from them, including the Pleiades in a couple of different colorways. I especially appreciate their sturdy and heavy (but not too heavy) hardware.

Kolby Brianne Leather
Photo Courtesy of Kolby Brianne Leather

Kolby Brianne has a wide range of beautiful leather in a variety of colors. Some of my particular favorites are the golden yellow, deep green, and saddle brown options. Kolby’s pieces are both sensual and fun while being deeply rooted in ritual and intention. In addition to harnesses, there are other options like an arm band, keychains, and cheeky switch coins, for when you just can’t decide how to play! Plenty of fun for only the most truly perverted. 

Zana Bayne 
Photo Courtosey of: Zana Bayne 

I think Zana Bayne makes some of the most versatile leather pieces, everything made feels incredibly chic and just a little bit dangerous. The crystal collection in particular makes me feel like I could be in Showgirls! There are also some luxe bag options. I just purchased the mini choker bag and am really impressed with the shape and structure of the bag. If bags aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other options, from studded belts to harnesses and my favorite key chains that double as bag charms. The customizable heart shaped keychain would be the perfect way to announce your undying love to someone!