My Ultimate Lingerie Guide

Anna R.
January 17, 2024

I've always loved lingerie. It has everything I adore in life: beauty, softness, the right amount of intrigue, and with the right brand support. Unfortunately, lingerie doesn't always love me back. Finding pieces that fit properly and are made with thoughtful considerations for plus-size bodies can be challenging. And I'm not naive enough to think it's just me. Unfortunately, a lot of lingerie isn't made for diverse bodies, which is unfortunate because everyone is really hot and deserves to feel hot in something beautiful.

To make things a bit easier, I've compiled a list of some of my favorite lingerie brands, with reflections on my personal favorites. I've also added some general tips that I live by when it comes to lingerie shopping. Additionally, our opinions are related to my own personal preferences for lingerie. Let's have fun and be hot!

*denotes brand with custom sizing available; all sizes mentioned carry plus sizes.


Boudoir by D'Lish

I finally treated myself to a beautiful dressing gown by Catherine D'Lish. Unsurprisingly, it's just as stunning in person as it is in photographs. I picked up the marabou-cuffed "Beverly" dressing gown in bright red. Don’t you wish you could see me in it?  It's the perfect cherry red hue and looks perfect with a red lip. The quality well justifies the price. The marabou-trimmed sleeves puff up very nicely. I did purchase the petite option, and it hit right at my ankle; the sleeves also were the perfect length. It's so perfect that it makes me want to break out a wire hanger. The gown came with care instructions, which I greatly appreciate, and as always, please take care of your things, especially delicate things. 

Dita Von Teese Lingerie

Is there anyone more glamorous than Dita Von Teese? Nope. Naturally, her lingerie line is no exception. Everything about this line exudes integrity, luxe glamour, and sophistication. My major critique would be the lack of plus-size models in product shots on the website. When I was initially shopping, it would have been lovely to be able to visualize some of these beautiful pieces on my body. However, I appreciate that the site allows you to easily shop according to bra and underwear size. I enjoy the quality of Dita’s garments, specifically those featuring appliques or embellishments. They are sturdy while still being delicate. The quality of the lingerie feels just as good as it does beautiful. Some of my favorites are the Vedette High Waist Brief, Savoir Faire Suspender, Beau Teese Quarter Cup Bra, Star Lift Full Figure Bra, and Julie's Roses Full Figure Underwire Bra.


I think Elomi makes some of the best bras that are easy to find; they even sell them at Nordstrom. While I don’t have the biggest bust, they're big enough to still appreciate a nice (and need) quality supportive bra. They offer a number of full-coverage options depending on what you're looking for. I also find them to be pretty cute, specifically the Kendra Underwire Plunge Bra, Kintai Full Coverage Mesh Underwire Bra, and the Matilda Full Figure Underwire Plunge. These are perfect for everyday and playtime!

Harlow & Fox*

Harlow & Fox are one of my absolute favorites. They are seriously stunning and offer some custom sizing and modification options. They even offer custom embroidery on select bra straps, which is very rich Mommy. Which, in case you haven’t guessed, is something I deeply enjoy being. They also feature a number of made-to-order options as well. I absolutely adore how luxurious and regal all of their items are. Some of my favorites include the Veronika longline quarter cup bra, the demetria bra, and the eleanor suspender belt. The lace used is both delicate and sturdy. Some bras also feature silk-lined cups, which is truly the ultimate luxury. I highly recommend Harlow & Fox if you are looking for lingerie to invest in while building a collection over time.

Lottie J. Lingerie*

I don’t think I can speak highly enough of Lottie J Lingerie, but I’ll try. I feel like Lottie J is one of those few brands that actually understands and values different body types. They feature custom sizing options, including modifications for crotch fit, torso, and belly coverage (or less), among others. They also offer a standardized size range for you to choose from if you’d prefer. I have the black mesh demi-body and the black mesh X cami, and both are of incredible quality. The demi body is super high cut, perfect for channeling all my '80s workout fantasies. I’ve always loved super high-cut pieces because I find them super sexy, but I’ve never found one quite high enough until now. I also particularly find the stitching to be very sturdy with a keen attention to detail. The mesh is also very nice; there’s just enough stretch to keep things fun while still feeling tight. As for size, I recommend sizing down if you prefer a tight fit. One of the nicest things about these pieces is the versatility; I believe with the right styling, they could be worn in many situations because who doesn’t love a good cost per wear?!

Orchard Corset

I’m fairly new to wearing corseting in erotic settings but have long worn shapewear and waist cinchers. Orchard corsets feature beautiful craftsmanship and design elements. Depending on the specific corset, there are additional features like waist tape reinforcement and hidden garter tabs, among others. Most of the products on the site feature a breakdown of materials and a bunch of other details, which I find helpful when trying to make an initial purchase. I really appreciate the intentionality that went into these pieces. Because they are mass-produced, they aren’t as close-fitting to the body as a custom option; however, for the price point, they are quite nice. For a list of custom corsets, consider exploring The Lingerie Addict’s article. They truly focus on creating a dramatic hourglass silhouette. These are perfect for anyone looking to explore corseting.

Playful Promises

Playful Promises is another great option for anyone looking to explore lingerie. I find their sizing to be pretty true to size, but I suggest paying close attention to the size chart beforehand. They have a pretty extensive list of colorways and options, which is also great if you're trying to build a wardrobe or want something unique. I do wish some of their underwear would sit a bit higher on the waist, but this is just a personal preference. Most of their underwear hits me at my belly button, which, truthfully, I do not care for on me. I particularly enjoy the eddie wine crossover balconette bra, mia black and jade deco embroidery balconette bra, and the showgirl pink overwire bra.

Revelation in Fit

I accidentally stumbled into Revelation in Fit in San Francisco a number of years ago and have been a fan ever since. So much so that I have to make a stop there every time I’m in San Francisco. They carry a number of brands that are usually hard to find. They do have an online store, but I highly recommend going in person if you are nearby, but be sure to schedule an appointment! All of the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. They do an excellent job at making sure you feel comfortable and divine.

Snag Tights

Snag tights are my absolute favorite tights and fishnets. They offer pretty expansive sizing and colorway options, which can be difficult to find. They are pretty much the only tights I wear. I included them on this list mostly for their fishnet options.

Solstice Intimates*

Solstice Intimates is absolutely divine! They have some of the most playful, camp, and beautiful pieces ever. They are all made to order, so expect to plan ahead. However, if you are short on time, they do offer a number of ready-to-ship items. Because these items are made to order, they also offer custom sizing. I love the attention to detail on their items and find that their fabrics are of impeccable quality. They have so many different options and styles for you to explore, everything from bodysuits to stockings. Some of my favorites include the boudoir bodysuit, the bramble set, runaway shorties, and for when I’m in a mean mood, the hell raiser bodysuit.

Thistle & Spire

This is the lingerie that encourages my most debaucherous behavior. But isn’t that the point? I think they border between glamour and mystery and are wonderful for showing off what a mean babe you can be. I think they are also great for anyone looking to explore lingerie. They offer a really great return policy, which is great if you're trying out new styles. I appreciate the brand's commitment to prominently featuring plus-size models on their website and other marketing materials. Some of my favorites include the psyche slip and the boudicca panty.

Veronica Velveteen*

I highly recommend looking into Veronica Velveteen if you are looking for pieces that are a bit more practical for daily wear but still hot and playful! I really enjoy that they offer custom sizing and will make modifications depending on your preferred cut. There’s plenty of fun patterns for you to choose from.

Vienne Milano

This list wouldn't be complete without a collection of beautiful stockings. Vienne Milano carries up to a 3x; however, I do wish they featured more plus-size models in their imagery. I do appreciate the quality of their items; the fabric is perfectly soft and feels so good against the skin. Quite the approachable luxury.


A few tips for lingerie shopping:

Slowly build your collection: If you're anything like me, you want it all, and you want it now. But babe (and trust me, I’m saying this through gritted teeth), these things take time. Allow yourself the pleasure of exploration. Explore new cuts and fabrics to see what you enjoy.

If you don’t instantly love it, don’t keep it: Seriously, if you feel even the slightest insecurity in the lingerie, it will only become magnified over time. Lingerie is incredibly intimate, so it’s all the more important to make sure you feel absolutely amazing.

Be realistic with your expectations: A standard sizing bra will not fit like a custom bra. A $40 mass-produced bodysuit will not be the same as a $140 made-to-order bodysuit. If quality and craftsmanship are important to you, consider expanding your budget.

Read the sizing charts.

Be mindful of the return policies.

Read the care instructions: Seriously, take care of your things, and they will take care of you. I always recommend washing lingerie and other delicates by hand. My favorite soap to use is Soak, specifically in the scent fig. It’s actually super easy to use and can be somewhat ritualistic.

Energy is part of the equation: Yes, lingerie is hot, but it’s only one part of the fun; energy is also incredibly important. Whenever I am wearing lingerie, I make sure to plan in time to really enjoy the act of getting ready, allowing for me to fully enjoy the beauty and connect to my most femme energy.

Have fun: Don’t make things a hassle. Give yourself permission to play, explore, and connect with the luxury.