Top Notes for Power Bottoms: Fetish as Fragrance

Anna R.
April 5, 2024

Alright freaks and babes, let’s have some fun and explore the kinky side of fragrances. In a fantasy world, my fantasy world, people would flag with fragrances, as well as hankies. But I guess sometimes the fantasy is better than the actual reality. As much as I love to smell like leather, it isn’t appropriate for all situations, much to my dismay. With true thought and devious intentions, I do believe that scent, and in turn fragrances, can have a rather controlling effect. 

Oh, and in case it isn’t clear, this list is highly inspired by my own personal kinks, so if you don’t see what you're into, take a peek at the second edition, featuring everything from cigar play to pony play. Oh and don’t worry, I have plenty of other kinky pleasures that aren’t on this list, beg hard enough, and I might entertain you. So have fun with it, explore some new scents, and don’t be afraid to be a good-smelling hot freak. You might just end up winning over this femme's heart.

A quick note about fragrances if you're particularly new to them. I never recommend buying something without trying it for a couple of days. How fragrances wear on your skin and throughout the day can vary greatly. So you might enjoy the notes, or the initial scent projection, but that could change. There have been a number of times that after a few hours of wear of a scent I’ve gotten a headache. You can buy decants of fragrances from various sites, but some of my favorites are Ministry of Scent, Scents Events, and Smallflower.


*= personal favorite

Age Play

Thumbsucker // Skora Skugan

Violet, cherry, and bitter almond make this the perfect scent for a little sweetheart, or perhaps a mean mommy.

Rouge Chaotique / Byredo

This scent is just a bit dangreours, but so damn hot. Notes of saffron and oakwood.

To My Father / Vilhelm Parfumerie

For the babes with daddy issues.


Cherry Punk // Room 1015

Smells like a sweet leather jacket with notes of jasmine, tonka bean, cherry, and patchouli. A real push and pull.

Marque Page // Ormaie

Delicate white flower notes combined with abrasive spicy notes. True physiological torture.

1992 Purple Night // Les Bains Guerbois

This fragrance is sure to challenge you, it features notes of honey and flowers. It’s sweet, but not in an overpowering way.


Secretions Magnifique // Etat libre d'orange

This scent is notoriously known for smelling like cum, so I’m putting it on the list. However, I recommend looking into the history of this brand as there are some less-than-positive feelings about this brand and its fatphobic tendencies.

Hyde // Hiram Green

This scent is so warm and alluring it just pulls you in with its notes of oakmoss, bergamot, and vanilla.

Seminalis // Orto Parisi*

Orto Parisi is a certified freak brand. This brand loveeeees to play with the taboo; in case it isn’t obvious, this scent is also inspired by semen. With notes of cedar, lily, and sandalwood, I do feel it pulls a bit more lactonic. 

Chastity / Orgasm Control

Flowerbomb Nectar // Viktor&Rolf*

For me, this bottle feels like a chastity device; I don’t know why, it just does. With notes of orange blossoms, benzoin, and tonka beans, it’s sweet but very skin-like. 

Taunt // Dedcool

Who doesn’t love to be just a bit taunted? Notes of dew, cassis, and amber.

Sweet Do Nothing // D.S. & Durga*

Sometimes, all you can do is nothing. Features notes of fig, cedar, musk, and pepper. I love this scent for a date night with heavy carbs.


Noir 29 // Le Labo*

I’m my favorite brat, and this is (one of) my favorite scents. I especially love it in the oil form. It features notes of tobacco, fig, and bergamot. Seriously, if I can get you to do one thing, please try this scent. I promise I’ll behave. 

Sin & Pleasure // Born To Standout

Sin can be such a pleasure. With notes of caramel, almond, oud, leather, and rum, this scent is so alluring you can’t help but feel charmed.

Not Your Baby // Phlur

A delicate but totally bratty floral with notes of cardamom, mimosa, and vanilla. It does wear a tad close to the skin, so if you are looking for something more LOUD, this probably isn’t it. On the upside, this is super wearable for everyday.


Drunk Lovers // Born To Standout

Bergamot, lemon, cognac, pepper, and vetiver keep this scent just a little disorienting in exactly the way you want.

Whiskey // Thin Wild Mercury*

This is hands down the best whiskey scent on the market. It’s super buildable and has a great wear time. Anyone who wears this, or tbh even knows of this, is an instant smash.

Velvet Haze // Byredo

Major hottie red flag fragrance alert! Notes of coconut water, wild musk, patchouli, and ambrette make this warm fragrance leave you in a haze. Sweet but dangerous. 


Eternal Wave // Liis

White tea, cardamom, and bergamot notes leave this scent feeling very heavenly, like the giant goddess of your dreams. 

Yvonne // Ormaie*

This fragrance is seriously stunning. It feels like such a bold statement and is unapologetically femme. It has notes of roses, sandalwood, and black current.

Oléne // Diptyque

Tower over the hottest babes with this fragrance, featuring notes of wisteria, honeysuckle, jasmine, and narcissus.


Leather Petals // Régime des Fleurs

This fragrance is a very spicy botanical scent, a more nuanced leather. It doesn’t lead with leather notes, but the more it settles, the more you notice them. Other notes featured include rum and patchouli. 

Girl of the Year // Thin Wild Mercury*

This is the ultimate fragrance for leather femmes. Its notes of burnt lipstick lighten up the leather notes. For what it’s worth, I don't think this is the most 'everyday' fragrance; rather, it's one that thrives in a dungeon.

Leatherize // D.S. & Durga

This is by far the most leathery scent on the list. It smells like a well-worn jacket. Its notes of myrrh, saffron, and leather keep it versatile.


Selperniku // January Scent Project*

I absolutely love how warm, sweet, earthy, and milky this scent is. Truly something for the earth sign mommies. Notes include milk, tobacco, sandalwood, and apricot. 

Extra Milk // Deadcool

It smells like mother's milk, with notes of bergamot, white musk, and amber. This scent is great for the down-low freaks, as I think you can get away with wearing it pretty much anywhere. 

Milk // Commodity

Notes of marshmallow, tonka bean, and toasted sesame make this the sweetest of the milk scents. Great for layering. 


Radiant Nectar // Clean Reserve

This is my personal favorite skin scent, it does lean a bit sweet, and has a very close projection. The vibe is very your skin but better. Features notes of ambrette seeds, pear nectar, and musk.

Peau // Arqueste*

This is the scent of lovers; it’s so incredibly intimate, just as I find spanking to be. Notes of sage, white pepper, and musk.

Eau the Audacity // Penholigans*

Because you have to have just a little bit of audacity to say the shit you need to say to get your ass beat. This is a more spicy, warm scent that wears well throughout the day, slowly becoming just a little more spicy, like a sharp sting.


Cooper Skies // Kerosine 

This scent perfectly captures the feeling of getting your ass slapped while covered in honey. It’s so fucking good. I go back and forth with how I feel about Kerosine as a brand, this scent is always lovely. Notes of honey, clove, cedar, and sweet basil.

Mango Skin // Villehelm Perfume

While the notes in this scent suggest it leans sweet, I don’t find it to be a sickening kind of sweet, but rather a light summer sweet type of scent. Notes of blackberries, pink sugar and lotus. 

A Whiff of Waffle Cone // Imaginary Authors 

This is the ultimate melted ice cream scent. It’s perfect for making a mess.

Wax Play

Furze // Lush

While this scent has notes of mimosa and coconut, I find it just a bit waxy. This isn’t for me personally, but I do think it would fit well into the right freak's life.

Moon Bloom // Hiram Green

A bit of a mysterious goth fragrance. It keeps things warm and deep with notes of tuberose, jasmine, coconut, and resins.

Whispers In The Library // Maison Margiela

While this isn’t the most waxy smell, it does smell like burning candles. Very warm and comforting. Notes of pink pepper and tonka bean.


Happy playing, loves, I hope you had as much fun as I did. If you're looking for other freak fragrances, consider exploring my guide for fragrances for cruising. If you want to keep up with my hot femme endeavors, consider subscribing to my newsletter.