Scents of Sin: Fragrances Inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins

Anna R.
May 17, 2024

I love the feelings that fragrances can evoke. Typically, when shopping for a new fragrance—which happens more than I’d like to admit—I like to focus on the feelings I want to invoke. The exception is if I’m traveling; in that case, I try to focus on the memory and moment of that trip. 

At any rate, I wanted to challenge myself a bit to think about what the seven deadly sins might wear. If you think this is fun, you might enjoy exploring the kinks as fragrances. These choices were also partly inspired by Greek mythology. This article is great at connecting mythology to the sins. Happy smelling loves. 

Eden Juicy Apple by Kayali
// Notes of red apple, berry, and jasmine. After all, isn’t Eden the originator of lust?
Dark Is Night by Henry Rose
// Notes of patchouli, vetiver, green grass, and vanilla. Smells like sex in the back of a car, in a good way.
Or Du Serail by Naomi Goodsir
// Notes of amber, tobacco, rum, honey, and musk. This scent certainly dries down very warm and honeyed. In a way, it smells like the orange leftover from an old fashioned.

GluttonyGateau Blackout by D.S. & Durga // Notes of black cherry, incense, vanilla, and cocoa. Inspired by a black forest cake, this scent is truly decadent.
Bom Bón by Haus of Bo
// Notes of pink pepper, caramel, marshmallow, and ambergris. This is for the babe who not only wants it all but demands it all.
L'eau Rouge Heirloom by Henrik Vibskov
// Notes of tomato and basil. I wanted another food-inspired scent but something a bit more savory. I used to despise tomato fragrances, but they’ve grown on me, especially if they have other herbal notes.

Stag by The Maker
// Notes of oud, leather, palo santo, and patchouli. Certainly a pared-down scent for greed, but every time I’ve worn this scent I’ve been consumed. And at the risk of sounding like a pretentious fuck, everyone else who has smelled this on me has been consumed.
Unholy Oud by Born To Standout
// Notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, rosewood, oud, lemon, and vanilla. This is actually my absolute favorite fragrance from Born To Standout. It starts very fresh, but the dry down is much more sensual and intense. Trust me, you’ll like it.
Vanilla Planifolia by Chloé
// Notes of vanilla and flower accord. This scent is for the luxurious greedy babes.

Déchets by Treading Water
// Notes of cardamom, jasmine, saffron, and tuberose. It’s a little trashy, a little lazy, but majorly hot.
Floating by Liis
// Notes of peach, linen, and wild orchid. It’s perfect for days when you can’t be bothered to get out of bed. But there’s something still just a little sensual about it. Sensual and soft. I recently got the exploratory scent by Liis and have legit been obsessed.
Comfort by Rare Beauty
// Notes of violet, lemon, and vetiver. What would sloth be without some comfort?

Red Hibiscus by Jo Malone
// Notes of vanilla, hibiscus, and mandarin. While I don’t think Jo Malone has the best staying power, especially for the price point, I do find this to be better in terms of staying power. I love this scent because it’s warm and spicy but also still a bit fruity.
Flor Y Canto by Arquiste
// Notes of tuberose, marigold, and magnolia. I love Arquiste, really unique scents. I love how deep this goes, just like my anger for Meghan Trainor.
Troubled Spirits by Libertine Fragrance
// Notes of oakwood, rose, vanilla, and orange. This is the kind of scent that you’d swear is like weird and angry breakup sex that you definitely shouldn’t be having.

No.02 Le Long Fond by Maison Louis Marie
// Notes of cedarwood, hinoki wood, white musk, and patchouli. It’s earthy and grounding, probably perfect for the envious Taurus lover.
Bergamote 22 by LeLabo
// Notes of bergamot, grapefruit, vetiver, and amber. Very fresh, very citrusy, very earthy.
Invisible Post by 19-69
// Notes of fig, tangerine, black currant, tonka bean, and cedar. I love the fig in this scent; it makes it just a little green. But don’t worry, only others will be left seeing green with you wearing this.

Nun by Laboratorio Olfattivo
// Notes of neroli, ylang-ylang, musk, and amber. Sweet, airy, and just a bit floral. It’s lighter but still tremendously lovely.
Empressa by Penhaligon's
// Notes of brown sugar, rose, geranium, pink pepper, and blood orange. A fragrance fit for a goddess who's proud to assert her dominance.
Durban Jane by MAISON d’ETTO
// Notes of orris root, musk, orange blossom, and pink pepper. A very spicy pride; it’s just a bit sexy and definitely very bold. Something that will probably make everyone tell you how hot and good you smell. Perfect.

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