Queer Tech History / TransTech Social

Anna R.
March 19, 2024

TransTech Social is a community organization and talent incubator created to educate and empower the LGBTQ+ community through educational programming, events, and networking opportunities.


Founded in 2014 by actor and self-taught techie Angelica Ross, TransTech Social was originally established after Ross witnessed firsthand the impact and economic stability working within the tech industry provided her. At the heart of Trans Tech Social's mission is a commitment to leveraging technology to address the unique challenges faced by transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. What makes the organization exceptionally unique is its centering of Black transwomen currently or previously involved in sex work.

TransTech Social aims to build a world where trans and gender nonconforming people can economically thrive, achieve their career goals, build leadership skills, and uplift their community by reinvesting in it. Part of that mission includes creating a more affirming and sustainable tech industry and community. TransTech Social offers a variety of programs, including G.R.O.W, which is supported by Google.org’s Impact Challenge for Women and Girls. The program focuses on helping its participants sharpen their career skills, including resume writing, mock interviews, career readiness, and salary negotiations. The organization also has various other skill share and networking programs.

In 2017, the first TransTech Summit was held, with nearly 100 attendees. This summit is created by the community for the community. It features a number of workshops across various topics including coding, racial justice, marketing, skill development, and much more. Since its inception, it has grown significantly. The summit maintains its mission of accessibility and inclusion by providing a significant number of free admissions.

TransTech Social is a place that makes space for those who are too often left behind in the tech industry. In my own experience, it’s one of the only tech spaces to fully hold space and uplift sex workers. The organization continues to grow throughout time, creating more opportunities for trans and nonbinary folks within the tech community.

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