Queer Tech History / Angelica Ross

Anna R.
October 18, 2023

You might know Angelica Ross as Candy from Pose or have heard about her recent political move. But did you know she is also a self-taught graphic designer and computer programmer? 

In 2014, Ross founded TransTech Social Enterprises, a co-learning and co-working community created to empower, educate, and employ the LGBTQ+ community. TransTech Social creates programming and events focusing on career readiness, technical skills, and education. Their G.R.O.W. program seeks to reach those in the community who are within the margins and often not centered in career readiness programs and centers the voices and experiences of Black transgender women who are or were formerly engaged in sex work. On a personal note, TransTech Social was one of the first tech spaces where I saw so many amazing speakers honoring and uplifting sex work and seeing sex work as an actual skill that can translate into so many other job functions. 

Angelica Ross advocates diverse tech and is passionate about making the industry more inclusive and accessible. Her activism spans beyond tech and can be seen across sectors. 

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