Mommy's Day Gifts for Kinksters

Anna R.
April 21, 2024

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, Mommy’s Day, of course. Now, obviously, I think you should be worshipping and showing your Mommy love every day. Why not have one day where you truly kick the devotion up a notch? It’s also pretty fitting that Mommy’s Day just happens to fall during Taurus season, the ultimate embodiment of luxury and decadence. This list has a mix of XXX and vanilla gifts because we all contain multitudes. Bonus points to you if you wrap your gift thoughtfully and beautifully. Happy playing, and be sure to be on your best (or worst) behavior!

Silk Scarves
You can do so much with a good silk scarf. Mommy could wrap her hair with it, wear it as a top in the summer, or tie hands with it. Silk scarves are peak luxury and glamour and manage to strike a balance between thoughtful, kinky, and practical. I really love this mini hearts one from Kate Spade, this geometric one from Lost Pattern, this zodiac one, and perhaps the most "Mommy" on the list, this polka-dot one from Etsy.

Custom Riding Crop
The gift for both of you. Custom anything screams luxury, so why not bring it to the bedroom? I love this because it truly is so thoughtful and not something that might seem like the most obvious gift. I also really adore this heart paddle from Fruit Leather Fetish.

Beautiful House Shoes
I love a good pair of house shoes, but in all honesty detest buying them for myself. Give Mommy the support of her dreams with something practical and beautiful. Some of my favs include these from Birdies (totally luxe), these velvet beauties from Scarosso, and the most practical and comfortable of them all, these Birkenstocks. Normally I’m anti-Birkenstocks as I am anti-granola, but the gold buckle on these is so hot, and much to my dismay these are wonderful for arch support. However, if you are looking for a fantasy spicy pair, there’s always these from Pleasers.

Why Are People Into That?: A Cultural Investigation of Kink By Tina Horn
Grow your horny brains together. Now full disclosure, this book is pre-release and ships sometime in June, so don’t freaking blame me if it isn’t there on Mommy’s Day. In all seriousness, I think learning about kink in general together is a really great way to deepen your connection and dynamic. I think it tends to prompt a lot of discussions about intimacy and can help break down your potential internalized shame or stigma. Mommy and me book club?

Sweet Gwendoline Gin
I love gin. In my opinion, gin is the ultimate Mommy drink, especially when served in a beautiful coupe glass. I think this might be the most well-executed kinky or sexy branding in liquor. It’s elevated while still being playful. It’s also very earthy and extremely botanical.

Olive Oil & Vinegar
Mommys want olive oil. We are a simple people, but only not really. At any rate, there are tons of different olive oils within different budgets. I personally prefer imported (to the US) olive oil, unless produced by independent farmers, and olive oil that is all made and produced in one country of origin. Here’s a great introductory guide for finding out what olive oil works best for you. I really love Entelia and Guglielmi Le Monocultivar Coratina. As for vinegar, I recommend Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegar and Il Borgo Satin for a more luxe option. I can also recommend checking out; it’s great for really narrowing down what kind of oil and vinegar you are looking for. They have filters for region, price, acidity, and so much more; they even recommend pairings.

I get it, you wanna shower Mommy in luxury. If you’d like, I have an entire lingerie guide, so please, take a look over that. Most of my favorites are in there, but I do really love Solstice, JBC, and Thistle & Spire.

Mason Pearson Brush
Putting this on here because yes, it’s the best brush on the market, but also because who doesn’t want to have an erotic little hair-brushing experience with Mommy? It’s a subtly hot kind of gift. I promise this gift will really put you in a good spot; it’s like a holy grail beauty product.

Fun Bag Charms (Plus a Purse)
Bag charms are one of my many loves; they make a bag feel so much more customized. I especially adore Zana Bayne's charms as they are undoubtedly kinky but also customizable. True love. I also love these from Vivienne Westwood and this cherry one from Coach.

Tea Set
My most toxic trait is my obsession with tea. It’s truly a ritual, one I highly encourage you to try at least once. I’m also going to take a moment to double plug myself and say you should have a little tea party with Mommy while reading/discussing 'Why Are People Into That' by Tina Horn. Think smarter, not harder, babe. Anyways, I love a good vintage tea set from the thrift store, but do consider doing an lead test beforehand. If you are looking for something new, I love this cup from Melody Rose, this set from Jonathan Adler, this very simple teapot from H&M, and this porcelain cup from H&M.


Seriously, did you not think this would be on the list? I have a ton of perfume guides for you to explore, everything from Spring florals to warm woodsy scents, and even kinky stuff. I will plug Le Labo (my fav is Matcha 26) as they do customize the bottle. Just imagine a bottle that says 'Mommy,' how perfect! Kilian also offers engraving; 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and 'Smoking Hot' would be wonderful options. Viktor & Rolf also does custom engraving.

Custom Stationery 
Nothing is hooter than a good love note, or perhaps a to-do list from Mommy. There’s a lot of nauty things to be written on something (or someone I suppose) beautiful. I love this jaguar set, this colorful set, this sweet bow set, and of course this classic rose set. Bonus points if you deliver this gift with a beautiful pen!

Bonne Maman Jam Gift Set 
There are a couple of different options for sizing on depending on how many mini jars you'd like, but I love this gift set the most. They also have a special curated selection for Mother’s Day (they hate us freaks). You could also grab a baguette and cheese and make a cute date night doing a taste test. A word of advice though, don’t feel the need to get more than 10; trust from personal experience, even 10 mini jams is a lot of jam.


Who doesn’t love a good experience as a gift! Some of my favorites are cooking classes, candle making, and museum adventures. I also recently took a calligraphy class and it was so much fun. Calligraphy is interesting; it’s really all about control and pressure. Something I think has quite a bit in common with kink, obviously. Pairing this class with a custom stationary set would be incredibly thoughtful and quite the experience.


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