Everything I Loved This Month / March 2024

Anna R.
April 1, 2024

It’s officially April, which means Taurus season is near. Like so near that I can feel the luxurious stability of it. Sorry, Aries, I guess you just aren’t as cool as the bull-headed earth sign that precedes you. At any rate, here’s everything I loved this month, from TV to clothes, and beyond.

Photo of me in a stripped scarf for Spring and a black cami from H&M

Things I Wore

I’ve been really into challenging myself to put scarves back into my wardrobe rotation. I recently wore a lovely one I got from Luna Luna around my head. I have also been wearing them quite a bit tied around my purses, neck, and when I’m naughty, my wrists. I have had my eyes on this Love scarf from Kate Spade and this Alexander McQueen rose scarf.

March has been full of casual errands for me, which means I’ve been putting my Balenciaga city bag to use. It’s one of my favorites. I have the classic version; I love it because it totally makes me feel like a third, much fatter Olsen twin.

Listen, I love a good cami to layer, and H&M makes the best ones. They aren’t too thick or too thin, and are perfect for layering. I love to wear them under nice blouses, lounging around the house, or as a layer under T-shirts.

Shiny bootle of hairspray with purple liquid inside. A collage of lipstick and martini's.

Beauty I Loved

I’ve been using Cult & King products for the better part of a year, but recently I have fallen in love with the set spray. It’s essentially a spray that acts as a hairspray and a heat protectant. You use it before using any heat on your hair. I love the way it smells; it’s very earthy, but not in like a weird granola funk way.

I totally love anything Pat McGrath does; like she literally can do no wrong. One of my absolute favorite products from her is the divine blush. I have it in the color rich berry, and mostly use it when I want a monochromatic makeup look for my eyes, cheeks, and lips. It gives a really nice glow without coming off as too oily. Highly recommend!

I recently got a sample of Leila Lou by By Rosie Jane and really enjoyed it. So much that I am considering a travel size. It’s heavy on the jasmine, it’s rather light and fruity. A nice casual spring scent. Like other fragrances from the brand, I find it wears rather close to the skin. I find myself wearing this on days where I’m lounging at home or doing casual errands.

Things I Ate & Drank

Started the month strong with dinner at Fioretta; you know it’s good when you didn’t take pictures and you had to ask someone else for some. I don’t think we had one bad dish there, although my personal favorites were the chopped salad and the truffle mushroom lasagna. The lasagna was so creamy, but not in a gross way.

I also have fallen in love with chili and garlic cashews from Trader Joe's. They maintain all the butteriness of a cashew while still having a kick. I plan on putting them in a spicy mix soon.

Alright, so this is like my all-time favorite thing to drink at home. Because I am a nitpicky bitch, the ratio of everything is important. So tall glass, lots of ice, seltzer water, 4-5 mint leaves, half a lime, and 5-6 raspberries. I like to muddle the raspberries with the mint and lime before putting seltzer and ice in. Trust me, it’s delightful.

Media I Consumed

I did it, I finally caved and got Apple TV. And of course, I have become a woman obsessed. I have an entire stack of shows to watch, but I started with Physical because I love women in spandex, duh. The show follows Rose Byrne (Australian mommy of my dreams) as she plays a tormented San Diego housewife dealing with extreme body issues. Throughout the show, she finds her love for aerobics, eventually becoming a professional lady in spandex, aka an 80s video aerobics instructor. I’ve gotten about halfway through the second season; I find the show entertaining, but there are a few elements that feel unrealistic for some of the sub-characters, especially given the attitudes around sex and fatness of the 80s. Overall though, it’s more than solid, and, unfortunately, a bit relatable.

This month I also watched Love, Lies, Bleeding because, apparently, I’ll only watch something if I’m disgustingly aroused. Similar to Physical, I felt like there were some plot holes that I wish were expanded on a bit more, but perhaps my brain wasn’t working hard enough because it was in horny purgatory. I can’t be expected to think clearly when I’m watching two dykes talk about stretching holes out on a big screen. Anyways, again, hot.

I also spent the better part of this month resisting some of Timberland’s work, particularly the Shock Value album. While I detest Justin Timberlake, my love for Nelly Furtado runs deep. Time featuring She Wants Revenge and One and Only featuring Fall Out Boy have been heavy on the rotation. A plea to Timberland, please come back and save music, we miss you.

Things I Read

Hot girls read. And read I did. For some reason, I have been getting a ton of paid ads by the Cut; of course, I feel for them. 

This month, I read “An American Girlhood in the Ozempic Era” and it really stuck with me. I know there is a ton of discourse about Ozempic and other GLP1s within the fat community, and personally, I do think when used properly they can be transformative. However, I don’t know how I feel about them in pertains to children, and I still don’t after reading the article. All I know is thinness and girlhood are as hard as it always was, and I don’t know how we move forward. From The Cut, I also read “The Exes Who Froze Embryos and Regret It”; yikes is all I got.

From Refinery29, I read a couple of Money Diaries, some of the best reading on the internet for snoopy bitches like me! Always recommend. I recently read this one.

Here’s some other stuff I read:

Women in AI: Kate Devlin of King’s College is researching AI and intimacy

Online Conspiracies About the Baltimore Bridge Collapse Are Out of Control

The Small Company at the Center of ‘Gamergate 2.0’

Taking Off Your Clothes Does Not a Sex Worker Make

CEO lessons from this 110-year-old family business

Things I Did

This month I got to make my own fragrance through an event with Chicago perfumer Pearfat. I chose to do a sandalwood and cardamom scent; it’s meant to wear close to your skin. So it’s very warm and subtle, perfect for the early months of spring. I aptly named it dirty girl, because, well, I’m a dirty girl.

Ok so I always get my nails done, but this month Gigi, my nail artist, kinda killed it. She did a lavender pinkish chrome with some matte designs. It’s very femmebot, super sexy, and springy without feeling boring.

I also wrote a lot… so go read what I wrote, like this article about my relationship with my body after years of sex work, or perhaps my floral fragrance guide if you don’t want something quite as heavy.

Other Stuff I Loved

I absolutely adore Scrub Daddy’s products; I finally tried their orange scrub and am converted. I mostly have been using it to clean my bathtub and my kitchen sink. It gets stains off really well, and even managed to get stains from lily stamens out from my kitchen counters. It smells good enough for a cleaning product.

I am always desperately manifesting a trip to Greece; perhaps next year, this year is maxed on travel. I ended up finding this candle aptly called Santorini from Brooklyn Candle by chance while shopping in Foxtrot one day. It’s a very warm and sensual candle with notes of fig and sandalwood. I love lighting it after a day of cleaning.

It took me forever to finally get on the glass straw train, but I’m here and I’m proud! I could never get into metal straws because it felt too cold against my teeth. I love glass straws because they are so easy to keep clean and don’t impact the taste of the drink or give me any teeth sensitivity.