Everything I Loved This Month / April 2024

Anna R.
May 1, 2024

Babes, it’s officially Taurus season! I hope you’ve been indulging in everything luxurious and surrounding yourself with beauty. My birthday is in May, so I’m prepping for some time offline and disassociating while watching reality TV. I might treat myself to a full-size Le Labo Matcha 26 fragrance. Want to get me a birthday gift? Consider subscribing to my email list (launching at the end of this month). At any rate, here are all the favorite things I indulged in this month!

Things I Wore

Now I know I’m normally an all-black clothing type of girl, but I wanted to mix it up and go all red! In case you haven’t been able to tell from the website, red is one of my favorite colors, and I also happen to look really good in it! I think more monochromatic (almost) outfits are in my future. The slip skirt and top are from J. Crew, my shoes are Manolo Blahnik, the sweater is Cami NYC, my bag is from Brandon Blackwood, and all jewelry is vintage. My LTK is here, I sometimes upload my outfits with direct links to items.

At the end of this month, I went to Vegas! It was my first time going as an adult, and it was a ton of fun. Not to brag, but I think I might have had the most aesthetic travel closet ever. As you can see, I love a theme. Pro tip: always unpack as soon as you get to the hotel, put things on hangers, and lay out your beauty products, like actually unpack. I promise it’ll be better in the long run!

I recently got this stunning cherry red harness from Emma Alamo! It’s my first piece of red leather, and safe to say I’m obsessed. It is actually super versatile for me and my wardrobe, mostly because most of my clothing pieces are basics. It pops with everything. This particular harness is also one of my favorite styles because of just how tight it feels from the lace-up back. There’s also some great back support for an added bonus.

Beauty Products I Used

A couple of months ago, a dear friend got me a sample set from The Maker. I love them all if I’m being honest, but this month Libertine was a favorite. It features notes of pomelo, cedarwood, and hibiscus. It’s a very sharp but fresh citrus. I do find it to have a nice projection and wear time.

Summer is almost here, so I’ve been slugging hard. My personal favorite product to slug with is Aquaphor. I’ve been loving it on my elbows and hands at night. It’s a classic for a reason, babe.

I don’t know if it’s a favorite, but it’s a true staple for me, and I just restocked thanks to the Sephora sale. But I do love the Ouai medium shampoo. I love most of Ouai’s products, to be honest. They always smell delightful but aren’t overpowering. I appreciate how it lathers and have found that it works well at cleaning my hair without fully stripping it.

Things I Ate & Drank

I think I might have found my go-to balsamic. It’s the Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena. First off, packaging, beautiful. Looks stunning on my counter. Second, the taste is good, babe. It’s rich without being overly vinegary. It pairs really well with burrata, total restaurant quality.

I’ve also been loving this lychee sparkling water by Sanzo. It’s light and refreshing. The lychee flavor is strong, stronger than the taste of flavored La Croix. I also don’t find the bubble to be as sharp, so you aren’t hit with that acidic taste. They make some other flavors like pomelo that I’m looking forward to trying.

Dirty gin martinis with blue cheese olives, obviously. Love them most when there’s little shards of ice on top and the liquid looks like swamp water. My sodium levels are on the up and up, and I look hot in this picture, so that’s why I’m including it in my favs!

Media I Consumed

This month I went to see one of my favorite movies, Elvira, at the Leather Archives and Museum as part of their fetish film series. I love that they do this series and would love to see you there, babe! I plan on seeing a couple more this season, but I guess you’ll have to guess which ones!

Costal Grooves by Blood Orange has been on repeat HEAVY this month. HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY. Specifically, Champagne Coast if I’m being honest. It makes me yearn for simpler times when the world felt less heavy and I was being a menace running around the streets of Chicago in American Apparel disco pants. Now all we have is darkness and nice balsamic vinegar.

Yes, I have been watching Vanderpump Rules and The Valley. After all, I am a reality TV scholar. It’s been trying times in this house, and The Valley truly is another level of mind-numbing. I still have no idea how Jax Taylor and Britney Cartwright managed to get invited to the White House Correspondents dinner, absolutely baffling. But also deeply symbolic of the shitshow that is America.

Some Other Stuff I Read

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Things I Did

This month I was a sponsor for International Ms Leather & Bootblack (IMsLBB). I had so much imposter syndrome and anxiety about sponsoring and promoting my blog there, but guess what, shit doesn’t grow or change without uncomfortably. Thank you to all those in my life who gave kind words of support! AHHHH, kinda major!

While in Vegas, I also got to see Dita Von Teese’s residency, Dita Las Vegas! It was seriously stunning. So many talented, passionate, and hot babes performing. The show also featured a number of original Vegas showgirl costumes that have been restored. The show in part pays homage to shows of Vegas past but is first and foremost a burlesque show. It’s definitely a retrospect of Dita’s career, featuring some of her most famous acts, most notably her martini glass number. I’ve seen Dita once before, and trust me, it’s just as good the second time around. I’m definitely ready to go again and recommend anyone see her once if you find yourself with the opportunity.

Prior to going to Vegas, I took a calligraphy class through Sip & Script. It was so much fun! Over the last year or so, I’ve gotten really into writing cards, mostly for major holidays, but I found myself being less than impressed with my handwriting. I want something a bit more grand, so naturally, I found calligraphy was the way to go! Candidly, I am also trying to make more friends who are in the same place in their life as I am and have similar interests as me. Making friends in your 30s is hard. But there’s also something fun about getting out and meeting new people, while maybe also learning something new.

Also, who would I be without plugging myself? This month I wrote a bit about my favorite places to shop, my feelings of imperectionism in kink, and a bit about my career journey from sex work to tech. Live, laugh, read honeywhippedfeta.com. 

Other Stuff I Loved

My candle of choice this month has been one that I made in a class at Edgewater Candles. My candle is mostly oud and sandalwood scented, very earthy. Sadly, you can’t purchase it, but I would recommend their other products. I love their rollerball scents and candles. I love their rosemary mint and woodsage sea salt scents.

One of my favorite things ever is the Stackers jewelry boxes from the Container Store. I have the white panel glass version, but they make a couple of other colorways. They are super cool because you can add to your jewelry boxes as your collection of jewelry expands. It’s got different sizes and depths depending on the types of pieces you have in your collection. Always a fave.

Lesbian icon Katie Maloney. I would truly let her destroy my life, and on that basis alone, she is a lesbian icon.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you an abundant and beautiful Taurus season.