My Favorite Places To Shop

Anna R.
April 4, 2024

I love shopping, unfortunately. I love being able to curate outfits, and while it’s taken a while to evolve my own personal style, it’s been a fun journey. For my entire adult life, I’ve been plus-size, which can sometimes make finding clothes I like just a bit more challenging. Truthfully, I think my style would just be a tad bit different if I weren’t plus size, but it’s still pretty close. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve reflected even more about the power of personal style, coming to realize it’s just something that takes time, energy, and, unfortunately, resources.

But let’s keep things fun. Here are some of my favorite places to shop, as well as some places I’m excited to explore. These are a mix of plus-size and straight-size stores. This is not a general list of plus-size stores, but rather places I personally shop and enjoy. I am only making recommendations based on pieces I actually enjoy. Lastly, please start considering a tailor (and cobbler), it makes the garments that much better, and trust me, will make you look like you have your shit that much more together, and it’ll probably even make your ass look better! Happy shopping, babes, connect with me on social or somewhere if you’ve got questions!


I know, this is so not cool, edgy goth of me, but yeah, I’m a fucking fraud; I love J.Crew. They need to consider marketing more to goths with bad attitudes that like affordable mid-range fashion. I appreciate a well-executed classic silhouette, I particularly love their Gwyneth slip skirt, the Emilie sweater-vest, their shrunken cashmere crewneck sweater (monogrammed of course), and the Gwyneth slip dress and skirt. All very versatile pieces that you can build a ton of outfits for different occasions out of. While there are some elements I might not enjoy on a piece, like a button, those are easy swaps I’m willing to make. I do think J. Crew has had some quality control issues in the past, so I do encourage you to learn more about fabric, and consider what works with your budget. I overall really enjoy J.Crew pieces, and they definitely own major real estate in my closet, can I get that sponsorship now? Because I really have my eyes on this woven heart bag.

Marcella NYC

I love, love, love this brand. Like I cannot sing their praises enough. My absolute favorite shirts on the market. I have a deep love affair with the Eloise sheer turtleneck, so much so that I have it in multiples, in multiple colors. I also really love the Belmont skirt, a great staple piece. All of their fabric is really nice and soft as well, perfect for lounging or something more formal.

Fashion Brand Company

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.

Vixen by Michillene Pit

I love this brand for when I want something really sexy in a whoo-whoo kinda way. When I want my body to look like a caricature. I have found that the wiggle dress is particularly good for achieving that look. I also find a lot of their fabrics are very thick, which depending on the garment is helpful. I love the weight of their turtleneck, and have a couple of different variations in short and 3/4 sleeve lengths. I can also recommend their pleather jackets, but would recommend sizing up if you plan on wearing sweaters with it. For being pleather, the jackets (sorry, I'm a converted leather purist) look incredible. The only bit of issue I have with the brand is that I personally find them to vanity size. I typically am a size 3x in the dress and am about a size 12, so just double-check the measurements, and be willing to work with their very good return policy.

Mara Hoffman

My favorite hot babe luxury brand. I love that there’s a level of playfulness in their designs, but they manage to do so without sacrificing any sophistication. I personally love their Sloan and Amy dresses. Both are more than comfortable and super easy to style. Both great basics. Currently, the Lisha dress is on my wishlist, just need an excuse to buy it. Jk, I’m on a mindful spending journey (for this week, and this week only.)


I’ve been working to remove fast fashion from my wardrobe. However, some time ago I purchased some pieces from them out of an urgent need and was so impressed. While they are higher than the typical fast fashion price point, the quality vastly exceeds your typical fast fashion brand. I love the suit set, spring trench, and winter coat I got from them. All classic silhouettes that have more than gotten their due love.

Eileen Fisher

So in case it isn’t clear I love a good basic classic silhouette. I can just do so much with them, and it really gives me the chance to pull in fun accessories or other statement pieces. I got some of their older pieces on resale and have been really impressed with the quality. I’ve also tried on a couple of pieces in-store but haven’t purchased due to not really needing more of that item. However, I will say I find their fit and fabric to be lovely. Definitely something I grab when I just want to be pulled together but not think about it.

All Saints

I finally caved and got an All Saints jacket. I’ve been wanting one for years but could just never make the investment. The leather is literally better and smells so good. Knowing I smell like a leather jacket and amber whiskey perfume literally makes me so pleased. Like I’m feeling like myself again. I will say that I have tried a number of their other pieces in-store and can’t justify the non-leather fabric for the price point. Nice designs; maybe if I caught it on sale I’d bite. Lastly, they make really great boots; my go-to Chelsea boot is actually by them.

The RealReal

I love scouring the RealReal for deals. I tend to get most of my shoes there and then take them to the cobbler for some love. You’d also be surprised at the number of plus-size options there are, including quite a few pieces from Lafayette 148. I also spend a ton of time looking around other resale sites and stores.

Best Basics
Uniqlo, hands down has the best T-shirts. Well, if you like tiny baby tees at least. They are thick and soft. I also highly recommend any of their socks. I also really enjoy H&M for camis. They also make a thick breathable cotton.

Shoes & Accessories

Duke + Dexter

Emma Alamo


Brandon Blackwood

Neiman Marcus

Kate Spade

Brands I Want to Explore

Chopova Lowena

Lisa Says Gah

Marina Rinaldi

Maison + Ernest


Samantha Pleet

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