Winter Goth Essentials

Anna R.
January 13, 2024

Winter is finally here, babes, so let's talk about some of my favorite winter essentials as a 30-something-year-old goth. As I’m writing this, Chicago is deep in a winter chill and a light snowstorm, if only by Midwestern standards. This list is focused on things I am currently really enjoying, as well as some things that I find help make winter a little less dull.


Madame ZuZu’s Tea (specifically the Crema Earl Grey)

I am a tried and true tea girl. I start every morning with tea and find it to be quite a lovely ritual to start the day. I recently tried Madame ZuZu’s tea and really have fallen in love. It rings true to its name and is rather creamy. I love their teas because of the commitment to quality—all teas are sourced from small family farms, most of which have organic or biodynamic farming practices. Additionally, there are no added flavors to their teas. I have also purchased a Christmas blend from them, as well as a few other black teas. Looking to make it more of a ritual? Some of my favorite cups come from H&M, like this one and this one!

Uniqlo Heattech

The Uniqlo Heattech line has a variety of offerings like socks, turtlenecks, and crewnecks. The best thing about these products is that they keep you warm without being bulky, which makes them perfect for layering! I also find them to hold up pretty well for their price point. I really love Uniqlo and wish they would expand their size range because I do find some of their products to be the best on the market for their price point.

Extra-large Heating Pad

This year was the year I finally got an upgrade to my heating pad. I am a woman obsessed when it comes to heating pads; I absolutely love them; they are my security blanket. Seriously, get a large one; it’s life-changing.

Tailored Wool Coat from Mango

Last year I wanted a winter coat with a more traditional silhouette. I specifically wanted a more tailored coat so that I could dress it up or down, all while feeling pulled together. I really enjoy Mango’s pieces for the price point they're at; they tend to offer a lot of versatility. This coat is one of my favorite winter pieces to wear, and while it’s not something that will keep you as warm as an insulated puffer, it still does a fantastic job for an evening out.

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to try out new soups; some of my favorites are Fakes (a Greek lentil soup), Thai Coconut with shrimp and tofu soup, and lemon chickpea soup. Le Creuset makes pieces that are absolutely stunning, so stunning that I don’t mind having them out. While my color of choice, fig, has been discontinued, I love this deep green artichaut color. Pro tip: buy the specialty cleaner from Le Creuset; it just makes things easier.

Shriver Hi Boots by Dr. Martens

My toxic trait is that my winter boots are still Docs, despite me knowing these are not, in fact, proper winter boots. But I like what I like, and I have yet to find a winter boot I find cute. This particular boot style is my absolute favorite; I find them to be just enough of a platform without being too dramatic. The leather isn’t very shiny, which makes for a much more subtle look. I’ve had this particular pair for about six years and have found them to wear quite nicely.

Whiskey by Thin Wild Mercury

Thin Wild Mercury is one of my favorite fragrance brands ever; all of their scents are so unique and thoughtful. I find this scent to be dangerous and sexy, like you're perpetually engaging in some type of edge play. It features notes of cedarwood, nutmeg, raspberry, and cardamom. Whiskey is the perfect scent to keep you warm all winter.

Very oversized mohair scarfs with tassels

I love a giant scarf, something that just completely engulfs me. I love the volume that oversized scarves give. I also especially love an oversized scarf with tassels; I find that the tassels help add a bit of movement while not feeling so overwhelmed. My favorite one ever is from Asos from years ago, but there’s a couple of nice options from Etsy, like this one. Large scarves also just feel inherently goth; I don’t make the rules, sorry babes.

Golden Coil Planner & Notebook

Golden Coil makes some of the nicest customizable planners and notebooks on the market. I’ve been using them for daily planning for about four years now. This year I also purchased a notebook to use for brainstorms. I find that their paper is a really nice weight. Again because these are fully customizable, they are perfect for just about anything, so create them according to what your brain needs to work best!

Spanx Boost Leggings

I used to love American Apparel leggings, but unfortunately, they don’t carry my size anymore, so for the longest time, I felt like I never found a good alternative. I’ve found that the booty boost leggings from Spanx are on par with my old American Apparel ones, despite having a truly horrid name. I love that these leggings are thick but not stiff. They also do a great job of making me feel supported and held in. I like them for running errands and the gym.

Otherland Candles

I’m a total homebody and perhaps even more so in winter. I recently purchased some Otherland candles and really enjoyed them! I picked up the cinnamon musk, woodlands, and cardamom milk. I also grabbed some for friends, including matchpoint and nectar pop. I love their candles because they are made of soy wax and feature toxin-free ingredients.

Oversized Turtlenecks

I live in a giant turtleneck in the winter. I especially love a turtleneck version paired with leggings, a structured coat, a dad cap, and my oversized beat-up Balenciaga city bag. It’s my absolute favorite outfit for running errands. I love an oversized turtleneck because it helps keep me somewhat warm and is probably the only practical thing I wear during winter. Here’s a really nice option from H&M.


Anyways, happy winter babes, stay warm, have fun, and let me know what’s keeping your cold goth heart warm this winter.