My Summer Goth Essentials

Anna R.
May 23, 2024

Summer is officially here, babe—well, at least in Chicago it is. And I know loving summer is theoretically anti-goth, but I’ve grown to love it. Of course, there are moments that are harder for me than others because, truthfully, like most people, I still deal with some negative body image. It’s not anything unmanageable or particularly destructive, but I have noticed it flares up as spring turns to summer and I feel like I have to relearn how to dress my body. That being said, I usually just know that it’s something with styling I can get over.

With all that, here are some of my favorite summer picks as a gothish babe. I suppose my summer style leans a little retro with a goth twist. I don’t really have a name for my style, and I think it’s kinda weird to categorize it into one thing. Sometimes I’m in heels and a bodycon dress, and other times I’m in Vans and a band tee. It just depends. But for the sake of SEO (and the algorithm on social media), I label it as goth. Anyways, here are my summer favorites as a hot goth babe.


Yes, babe, sunscreen. It’s actually the most important thing. Not to be all uncool or whatever, but you need to be wearing it. My favorite face sunscreen is the Shiseido Urban Environment Vita-Clear Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, specifically the one with Vitamin C, but the classic is fine too. I like how light and smooth the formula is, but make sure you’re double cleansing your face in summer, at least if you have oily skin like me. For body sunscreen, I either use whatever I find on sale at Target, but I really love the Vacation SPF 50 Classic Spray and the SPF 30 Baby Oil. I also want to make a quick plug for the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer; it has SPF 30. Unlike condoms, you definitely should be doubling up on your SPF.

A Good Graphic Tee

I love a good slogan tee; it’s a byproduct of being a very impressionable child in the 00s. Naturally, I’ve carried this love into adulthood. If the top isn’t a baby tee, then it’s usually worn cropped. I love any type of tee, whether it’s clearly hyper-sexual, like this “spit in my mouth” one, or a band tee, like this Hole one. I love them all. Here are some of my other favorites as well!

A Versatile Slip Skirt

The most versatile skirt (mine’s from J.Crew) in the world, this is a 365 essential. That being said, I tend to style it much more casually inthe summer months. Usually, some type of basic t-shirt or tank top, platform Vans, and a fanny pack. I swear it hits 75, and I literally need to be a creature of comfort.

A Practical Heel

I love a d’Orsay heel for summer months, especially when I’m trying to dress a bit more formal. I love how easy this shoe is to walk in; the shape of the heel combined with the arch makes it very easy to wear these for hours. My favorite pair is from Jimmy Choo that I got off The Real Real.

A Luxe Midi Flare Skirt

As mentioned, sometimes my style can lean a little retro, especially in warmer months. Over the past few years, I’ve been very into skirts that are midi and flare a bit. I find them to be so timeless and classic. My favorite way to wear them is with some type of cami top, an interesting pair of flats, and one other statement piece.

Interesting Flats

While, as mentioned, in my day-to-day summer life I’m pretty casual, on occasion, I find myself wanting to dress up, and that’s where a flat comes in handy. My favorite are these rose ones from Sophia Webster; they’re interesting but still formal. I also love this woven pair from Anthropologie. Over winter, I had the insides dyed black by my cobbler; I think it just makes them feel a bit more elevated. Here are some of my other favorite chic flats.

A Silk Duster Jacket

I’ll wear a silk duster jacket on any occasion, but for summer, I like them as swimsuit coverups or for evening cocktail dinners. I tend to wear them over a slip dress or midi bodycon dress with some heeled sandals. It’s a quick way to keep things feeling pulled together while also dealing with temperatures that drop in the evenings. My favorite one is from H&M; I’ve had it for about five years, and it’s held up nicely. Just make sure to steam it before wearing it!

Summer Scents

My true love is fragrance. I have so many summer scents I love, but my all-time favorite is Philosykos by Diptyque. It’s a rich fig scent inspired by Greece, so naturally, I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. This was also my first “expensive” scent I purchased; it’s what kicked off my dirty little fragrance habit. I also really love Pacific Lime by Atelier Cologne; as you might have guessed, it’s a lime scent. I find it to be tart and refreshing. But when I’m feeling a bit more spicy, I’ll dip into Rabbit Rabbit by Pearfat Parfums. It’s a newer scent for me, but it’s very spicy and earthy. None of these your vibe? Check out some of my other summer fragrance recommendations.

Satin Hair Ties

I got some satin hair ties last summer, somehow lost them all during a travel trip, and have only recently bought more. I forgot how much I love them. They make the mundane feel just a bit more luxe. I got my most recent ones from Kitsch.

The Perfect Swimsuit

Despite being an earth sign, I love the water. Like, you’re going to have to pull me from the pool because I will literally spend 12 hours in it. That being said, I have a lot of swimsuits, some better than others. My personal fav is this one-piece from TA3; it’s got a lace-up back and really sucks you in. God forbid my waist isn’t on full display and snatched at all times. Here are some other suits I like but haven’t tried. It’s worth mentioning I usually wear suits that are high-cut one-pieces. Here are some other options.

Woven Bags

In case it’s not clear, I love a box bag; it’s just such a good shape. A few summers ago, I broke my own cardinal rule and got an Amazon bag in a pinch. Since then, I’ve loved it often. I still love any type of woven bag for summer!

Basic Tops

I love a good basic t-shirt. Hands down, I think Uniqlo has the best ones. They’re affordable, quality fabric, and have a nice variety of cuts. Although my absolute favorite is this one!

Literally Any Dress or Top That Has My Tits Out

Free the girls all summer long. Over the last few years, like everyone, I’ve been really into peasant dresses. I have even been known to get a little ren fair, which isn’t typically the vibe, but in the name of huge knockers, I’ll do it. When I really feel like torturing someone, I’ll wear a low-cut top paired with an underbust harness because I love to ruin people’s lives. 

Some Other Summer Picks

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