How to Live Like a Taurus

Anna R.
May 9, 2024

I bet you never knew you wanted to live like a Taurus, but babe, it’s fun here. Don’t get me wrong, it can get a little dark-sided when it comes to stubbornness or comfortability. But overall, it’s fun here, and I do think there are some people who could stand to live a little more like a Taurus. Here are some ways to help you live your most indulgent, opulent, and beautiful life, just like a Taurus.

Surround yourself in beauty
Taurus babes love beauty and opulence. And of course, part of that is being over the top and extravagant, but I think there’s also a lot of different ways to live in beauty. One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is to ritualize the mundane with small elements of beauty. So think of a l vintage teacup with a matching saucer for your morning coffee or tea. Get some cheap flowers from the market. Whatever it is, find subtle ways to add beauty into your life. Bonus: Go to more art museums, trust me, it’s so fulfilling.

Get into the details
Not to be critical, but Tauruses notice everything. EVERYTHING. It’s a strength and a character flaw, so know when to use it. But start looking into little details in your life and work, double-check that email, make sure the background in your photos is good. Trust me, start paying attention to the little things babe, it matters.

A day looking at beautiful art.

Revenge is best served cold
While I think a lot of Tauruses get a rep as hot-headed, I think sometimes people think that translates to impulsiveness. And while, sure, sometimes that’s true, however the real Tauruses know it’s best to plot and wait. And by plot, I mean let people make their own mistakes, let them be their own demise. I truly believe the universe has a way of sorting things out, and eventually things will be made right, sometimes you just have to wait.

Live passionately
Whatever you do, inject an insane amount of passion into it. Live to live, whatever that means to you. Don’t do things half-assed, but put your heart and passion into it fully.

Embody your sensuality
First of all, do whatever the fuck you want, but I do think there is something incredibly powerful about being connected to your sexuality. And yes, I know it can be easier for some people to do this. But that connection to your sexuality can look however you want it to. I think sometimes society likes to paint it as looking one way, and usually ties it to someone’s sexuality to another person. But I think it’s actually much deeper than that, hot take, I also don’t think sexuality is always necessarily about sex. Sexuality is about your connection to yourself, what you do to feel pleasure, and what confidence you bring into the spaces you enter.

I adore making beautiful piles of beautiful things.

Laugh a little
Life is short, sometimes I have to laugh.

Be just a little luxurious
Here’s where my real toxicity comes out to play. I fully believe in luxurious indulgence. Think plush ranunculus flowers, Castelvetrano olives, Luxardo cherries, 1,000 thread count sheets, plush velvet sofas, and ostrich feathers. Well, at least that’s my version of luxe, I imagine yours might just look a little different. So whatever it is, give into it just a little (a lot), just make sure you're still prioritizing other aspects of your financial life. Consider luxury outside of just beauty as well, luxury can come in other forms like being an exceptional communicator, having time management skills, being kind, or being intentional.

Invest in your appearance
I imagine for some people this might be a little controversial one, but please take what resonates, and leave what doesn’t. I personally find it important to invest in your physical appearance. For me, that looks like everything from skincare to teeth whitening, gym memberships, and of course, just a touch of Botox. Honestly, for me, this gives me a sense of confidence that allows me to walk into rooms and feel as if I’m shining. And for what it’s worth, I do often feel like there is a bit of a blurred line between having to invest in my appearance and wanting to. I think both things can be true. I don’t think anyone needs to do this, but I think if you're curious, you should try it, you might just like it.

Luxury truly is olives, sorry I don't make the rules.

Selective Rest
I know Tauruses also get a rep for being a bit lazy, actually totally fair. Sometimes, we can be. Maybe it’s my Capricorn moon, but I do believe in work hard, play hard. Rest is nice, but you have to be selective about it, otherwise, it loses its nourishing qualities if you do it all the time.

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Love from a majorly luxe Taurus! XOXO