Doxxed by a Republican News Site: Tips for Navigating Doxxing and Protecting Your Digital Identity

Anna R.
May 4, 2024

Two weeks ago, I was doxxed. My personal information, including my address and that of my partner, was posted on a Republican news site. The data was extracted from my 2020 voter registration and strongly suggested that I voted for Biden and other Democratic candidates in the election. 

While this isn’t my first time being doxxed (tbh, I’m usually the fucking lizard king), it is the first time such a vast amount of information, particularly regarding my voting history, has been exposed online. My initial experience with doxxing was when I was 17. My name, along with another minor's, was published in a Republican newsletter and website after successfully advocating for increased state protections for transgender students and improved access to gender-neutral bathrooms in schools. Fortunately, throughout my sex work career, I've been extremely cautious, and have had personal information remain private.

I used to deeply fear being doxxed and subsequently outed to family and coworkers about my profession as a sex worker. While it's still something that occasionally makes me nervous, it's become far less of a concern for me today. Writing openly about showing hole on camera has a way of knocking any fear out of you.  Additionally, over the past four years, I've gradually come out in tech spaces, which, for the most part, has been a positive experience. Anyone who doesn’t see that work as an asset clearly doesn’t get the vibe.

Photo : Matt Blum Photography

While I’ve been doxxed before, this recent incident feels different. It feels more targeted and a blatant infringement of my right to privacy. Moreover, it extends beyond just me; there were other individuals listed, most of whom belong to marginalized communities. My partner, who is Trans and actively involved in Trans-affirming healthcare and queer tech spaces, was among those listed. So were my neighbors and others within my community whom I deeply care about. While this information may be accessible to the public, it should never have been published on a website, especially not a Republican news site.

To be candid, I view this as a form of voter intimidation due to the implications of my political affiliation. This site seeks to instill fear in anyone who votes against their party by divulging personal and sensitive information to their readership, the majority of whom likely hold hostile views toward people like me. These tactics represent a severe violation of privacy and directly endanger everyone on that list. And while I reside in the city of 'fuck around and find out' (Chicago), there could come a time when neither I nor the others on the list feel safe, even in a blue state. This feels especially close with the upcoming election looming.

I don't mean to be overdramatic or sensational, but I do believe if Trump were to win this election, what remains of our democratic process would vanish, along with our right to privacy and whatever semblance of safety we currently possess. I genuinely fear this country could slide into authoritarianism under his leadership. Tactics like these would only become more commonplace and harder to evade. I say this with kindness, but I think far to many people downplay the insurrection. They don’t realize how deeply close we were to losing some semblance of security. I’m not delusional, I don’t think the Democratic party or Biden have been particularly groundbreaking, but I do feel that life under a democratic party is better. 

Photo: Matt Blum Photography

I’m obviously angry about what happened, but of course, my toxic coping mechanism is to do something about it, so with that, here are some digital best tips I have found to work for me after years of being both a professional lurker and whore on the internet.

Set up a Google alert for your name or aliases. It might seem vain, but it's a practical way to stay informed, especially if you are like me and don't frequent Republican news sites.

Consider investing in services like DeleteMe: DeleteMe is a service that will help you remove personal information from search engines and other websites. You submit your personal information, they do a little searching for you, and you remove what you’d like. This process can be done periodically. There are a number of other sites that do this as well; this is just one I have used.

Get a burner email, or ten: Okay, maybe ten is a bit extreme, but seriously, consider getting one. I use these for all my social media sites (including my sex worker profiles), online shopping, and any other sketchy stuff I may or may not be up to.

Live, laugh, VPN: VPNs are useful for all sorts of things, but I do recommend this if you are doing any type of livestreaming.

Make better passwords: Seriously, babe, you need better passwords. This is, in part, a callout to myself. There are plenty of password managers to help you make stronger passwords out there.

Remove EXIF data from videos or photos: EXIF data includes a variety of information such as when and where you took the image and other camera settings. This is especially important to remove if you use an iPhone that has your name tied to it.

Use two-factor authentication whenever possible: Seriously, I know it’s annoying af (I'm annoyed by it too). There are tools like YubiKey or authenticator apps that can help make this easier. Here's a great guide.

Stop clicking on weird ass emails and links: Seriously, fucking stop it. 

Be a little cryptic: Sometimes, less is more; not everything needs to be online all the time. Being mysterious is great for your digital footprint and just general hottie behavior. IMO.


While doxxing is never the victim's fault, it is still important to take whatever steps you can to protect yourself.

Without sounding cynical, I know a lot of people are becoming particularly awakened/activated politically on social media now; however, there is still an overwhelming lack of knowledge of internet security. I understand that many people feel a strong need to take photos and videos of themselves at protests, which they have every right to do. However, I encourage people to exercise caution in moments like these. It is incredibly easy to find and doxx someone. I'm not trying to be harsh, just stating this as someone who has spent a hideous amount of time on Reddit and forums. Many of these radical Republicans and white supremacists are incredibly scary and dangerous. Exercise caution, trust your gut, and keep yourself and your community safe.

As always, take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.