12 Ways To Twist Your Brats Brain

Anna R.
October 26, 2023

Got a brat in your life? Lucky you, life is about to get a lot more creative.


I think a lot of bratting is greatly misunderstood. Playing with a brat takes its own particular skill and can encourage even the best doms to get a little more creative with punishments. I've often heard from doms, some of whom I've had relationships with, that they don't know how to punish or tame brats. At times, that lack of knowledge, or perhaps understanding, has turned into judgment, which, in case you haven't guessed, can be incredibly hurtful.

Brats often have an intense trust and sense of security with those they play with. While I won't speak for any other brats, I do find that many of my own personal bratting experiences have to do with healing my own abandonment issues, trauma from childhood neglect, and reclaiming the label of being 'difficult" that my biological family, and society,  has put on me. Bratting has allowed me to explore some of the things I'm most insecure about in a safe and loving environment. But enough about me, let's talk about some enjoyable ways to twist your brats' brain….and maybe get them to behave, if only for a bit. Because where's the fun in being totally well-behaved?

Punishing brats shouldn't always be centered on humiliation but rather on giving brats a taste of their own medicine, whether that be withholding attention, teasing them back, or being just as big of a pest. Treat punishments as the chance to show your brat how intimately you know them. Customize these punishments to your brat, their favorite games, music, movies, hobbies, or whatever. When punishing, determine if this is actually a punishment to change behavior or a funishment. The ideas below are more aimed at changing behavior, although they can be used for whatever; you know your dynamic better than I do. Communication and context are crucial. As always, take what resonates and leave what doesn't.


  1. Cleaning the baseboards of the entire home or apartment with a toothbrush.
    Give them a disposable toothbrush, the world's smallest bowl of water (that will require multiple trips to be refilled), a cleaning solution of your choice, and tell them to get to work. Show empathy and allow them to listen to music, or be sinister and give them some earplugs, allowing them to be truly alone with their most perverted thoughts. Make sure to check in occasionally and end things with an inspection. If it isn't to your satisfaction, or they need more punishment, make them go in for multiple rounds. 
  1. Give them the report of their nightmares.
    Want to learn something new without having to do the research? Have your brat do it. Have them write you a report or present on a topic of your choosing. The more boring, the better; bonus points if it's on a topic they hate; think a biography on Meghan Trainor. Making them site sources is a particularly sinister punishment for brats who aren't so good with little details. Once it's finished, have them read the report aloud to you. Play around with them a little by making them reread certain parts, speak up, or slow down. Play the same games they so love to play with you.
  1. Withhold their orgasm while making them do your errands. 
    This punishment is pretty straightforward but sure to annoy even the most wild brats. Get them close enough to climax, and then deviously tell them they have errands. Send them to print your shipping labels, pick up groceries, or whatever you see fit. You can kick things up a notch by adding a remote vibrator to help them remember what they're missing, as if they could forget. Delay their gratification further by sending a text telling them to do additional errands….just as their about to cum home. 
  1. Give them the organizational feat of a lifetime.
    This punishment is purgatory for brats who hate following rules; after all, organization is really just about following rules. This punishment could also be great for a brat who needs a little structure. Organizing requires time and strategy, something sure to keep your brat occupied. I personally think physical items that vary in color, texture, size, etc, work best for this punishment. But tech daddies and mommies could make a case for digital organization. Using band t-shirts as an example, throw them all into a pile and then have them organize the shirts according to color. After they gleefully show you the fruits of their labor, congratulate them for a job well done. Then, have them organize the shirts by band, genre, or whatever way you see fit. You could also encourage them to do additional tasks like steaming the shirts.
  1. Tied down and tickled.
    This is a punishment that is both an actual punishment and a funishment. Tie your brat down (or up), set a timer that they can see, and tickle them until time's up. Playing songs that they find particularly annoying can add to the frustration and teasing nature of the punishment. Reset the clock multiple times to really annoy them. 
  1. Make them do your job.
    Got a brat that loves to play parrot? Are they always copying everything you do? Since they want to be you so bad, let them do your job. Of course, this is more difficult to execute for specific jobs than others, but creativity can go a long way. Give them fake data sets to work with, force them to attempt to code, or have them draft mock email responses to customers. Again, this requires quite a bit of boundaries, as they shouldn't involve your job. This punishment can also apply to personal household tasks or other tasks you might take on, like household budgeting. Seeing my tamers work and attempting to understand it has always given me more profound appreciation for all the hard but incredible work they do.
  1. Attention withholding.
    A lot of bratting is about attention. So sometimes, the best way to really fuck with a brat is to take away the thing they seek most, attention. Just don't engage with any of their tricks or games for a certain period of time. Depending on your relationship with your brat will determine if you'll actually tell them you're ignoring them or not. Sometimes, just a stern look will do. 
  1. A really good spanking
    I think there’s a bit of a misconception that spanking can only be funishments. I’m not quite sure why that is, but I believe all punishments depend on intention, communication, and tone. Of course, a spanking could be short and playful. Or it could be drawn out, a bit humiliating, and if executed well, could leave your brat with cherry red cheeks (or whatever other body part you feel like slapping). This is really where a firm tone comes in handy, and again, depending on your relationship with your brat, you could add other elements like withholding attention or not engaging in eye contact to twist their brains. 
  1. Have them make you a meal while they narrate the actions they take.
    While I don't think this specific punishment has to be limited to just a meal, it's a really great example. Have your brat make your favorite meal; the more complex, the better. Making them follow a recipe is a fun step that could help if following the rules is challenging. As they prepare the meal, have them narrate everything they do. Interject with the most annoying questions: how many grains of salt are in a pinch? How much flower did that recipe call for again? Making them take mini breaks by doing side tasks is a fun way to tease them. Have them double-check the expiration date of the eggs or make them stop cooking and tidy up their workstation. There are endless ways to distract them….just like they distract you.
  1. Withhold their favorite pleasure app.
    We've all got our favorite escapist apps; embarrassingly enough, mine is the TMZ app. I love getting immediate updates on deranged housewives and all the other naughty behavior celebrities get into. The thought of finding out this information hours later on social media is haunting. So when I get the thing I love most taken away, I always work my ass off to get it back. I'll be on extra good behavior, do all my chores, and adopt a zero back talk policy. So, if you want to curb your brat's naughty behavior, I recommend exploring this option. Obviously, the TMZ app is an extreme example only applicable to pop culture freaks, so show how well you know your brat by taking away their favorite escapist pleasure.
  1. Sitting still.
    A particularly sinister punishment for an antsy brat who loves to push your buttons. This could look however you choose; you could use restraints, make them sit quietly, or do anything else fun you might think of! Well, fun for you. 
  1. Have them make a collage with perfectly cut-out photos.This punishment is another lovely one for brats needing assistance in the attention-to-detail department. Have them make a beautiful collage (mood board) with images from your favorite magazine. You could give them specific instructions on how to cut things or insist that they use precision to cut out the photos. Be sure to provide feedback and encourage them to keep things neat and orderly.